Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cuisines of India

Indian Cuisine

Food, one of the many 4 letter words that brings a lot of ideas,experiences and desires in one's mind. As diverse is the heritage,culture
lifestyle,belief and language of India, as diverse is the cuisine in its various parts.
Like for different occasions one dresses up differently here,the also cuisine differs for various occasions seasons and events.
Like the socialistic ideology of the government here,the cuisine also aims at benefiting all the people depending on it.
Like the democracy in the Country, the choice of the cuisine is also democratic in almost every household.

Cooking in India is not just considered as a work, it is an art.Many recipes could not be written down,procedures cannot be explained and the mystery behind the technique could not be known.
Mothers of the household really use tsp or tbsp to add spices or seasoning, it is done merely with fingers.Such is the expertise that even when they are not cooking, they would know what and how much should be added for that perfect balance.
This kind of experience,judgement and estimation is the magic behind Indian cuisine. There is not a greater gift that you can give to a lady here,than telling her that the food was delicious.

Apart from the ultimate knowledge and an inherent tendency to know how to cook,of the women here, Indian cuisine finds its beautiful peculiarity from various traditions and lifestyle spread countrywise. Cuisine here depends not only on the easy availability
of the raw materials,but also the centuries-old taste. The fact that India was a home to different cultures of the world some time in History, like The Mughals,Turkish,French,English,Portugese,Dutch,
one would find even the foreign tastes incorporated in its cuisine.

This would be a very small effort in taking you to the journey of tastes, in the taste-bud of the World..

Author: Ashutosh Tiwari 

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