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First professional and also the best Blogger in India Amit Agarwal

Photograph taken from Facebook profile of Amit Agarwal
+Amit Agarwal  the undisputed king of Blogosphere in India  is also the first professional +Blogger from India. He is the highest paid Blogger in India by +Google . He is also the only Blogger in India who has been awarded most for his Blogging works. Amit Agarwal holds an Engineering degree in Computer Science from IIT.

Before coming into Blogging as a full timer, he had worked at ADP Inc. till 2004, then he left his job and became the first ever professional Blogger of India.

Amit Agarwal is the author of Digital Inspiration blog, this blog has won many awards and is the most popular tech Blog of India. +Digital Inspiration is a blog which covers mostly the technical stuffs that is about computer tips and tricks, computer softwares, gadgets and other applications available on internet.

He often writes for some print medias like the +Wall Street Journal India, + Outlook Magazine, + The Hindustan Times, +CNN IBN, +CNBC TV18 and +The Financial Express.

Amit also maintains a blog which list all the useful and popular blogs of India.

Amit Agarwal is also an MVP (Most Valuable Professional) and has won this award from Microsoft itself for five consecutive years from 2007-2011.

Amit Agarwal's most popular Blog Digital Inspiration or by URL is among the best 100 tech blog on internet. On this blog he gives information so clearly and in so easy ways that anyone can understand and implement the same. He generally blogs for applications which many people don't know and would like to use. Information like how to convert a doc into pdf or vice versa in easy ways, how to watch Youtube videos on low internet connection or how to make ticket on IRCTC site easily and fastly. Many similar kind of queries are being answered on his blog +Digital Inspiration.

Digital Inspiration has also been featured as a “success story” on the official +Google AdSense blog and also on the +YouTube  India website.

He is also very popular on twitter where he create many applications using twitter's platform. tallTweets is one such application developed by him on twitter.


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