Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sanjay Gandhi expected head of the Indian National Congress

Sanjay Gandhi
Sanjay Gandhi is again on news because of +WikiLeaks  which claims that A K Antony the then president of Kerala Congress along with the West Bengal congress leader Priyaranjan Dasmusi were the only two key people who had flatly criticized Sanjay Gandhi during AICC session in Guwahati 1976 during emergency when Sanjay Gandhi's political graph was on the rise.

Sanjay Gandhi born on 14th December 1946 was the expected head of the +INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS , when +Indira Gandhi her mother was on power (Prime Minister of India). Though Sanjay Gandhi never entered into politics officially, but he had a hold on politics during his life time. During emergency also it is believed that Sanjay Gandhi was actually handling the political affairs from the Prime Minister House instead of Prime Minister Office.
Sanjay Gandhi was the younger brother of Rajiv Gandhi and son of Indira Gandhi and Feroze Gandhi.
Sanjay Gandhi husband of Maneka Anand or Maneka Gandhi had a strong hold in powers and had taken many controversial actions like cleaning of all slums from Jama Masjid, Delhi (which includes mostly muslims) and Family Planning program which used to sterilize women and vasectomies men. In the process of both these activities many ordinary people suffered. In cleaning the slums drive around dozens of slums died and during family planning program many youth, unmarried men vasectomies.
Sanjay Gandhi was fond of sports car and he only laid the foundation of Maruti Udyog in India. He also contacted Volkswagon and other brands for making an affordable car for Indians.
Sanjay Gandhi died at the age of 33 and just before he died his son Varun Gandhi had born. Sanjay Gandhi died due to air crash. Sanjay Gandhi was flying a new aircraft and he tried to take a loop over his office in New Delhi, when he lost his control and the plane crashed. He was accompanied by lone passenger Subhash Saxena and he also died in that plane crash.  

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