Monday, April 8, 2013

Jasuben Andarben Pizza and her success story

Jasuben Pizza which was set up by Andarben or (Sister Jasu) nearly 40 years back in Ahmedabad, Gujarat which got a tremendous promotion by the current CM of Gujarat Narendra Modi is a well known Pizzerian from Gujarat. Jasuben who had shifted to Pune in the year 1990 has now around 6 branches serving in Gujarat. Pizza of Jasuben is bit different to the Pizzas of Pizza hut, in terms of toppings and contents but this pizza of Jasuben only suits the palates of local people of Gujarat.
Pizza of Jasuben cost around Rs 50/piece and around 600 pizzas are sold in Ahmedabad only.
Out of the 6 branches of Jasuben Pizzas 3 are auctioned for franchisees.

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