Sunday, March 31, 2013

After watching movie Himmatwala you will have no himmat to stand even

The movie Himmatwala is nothing but a satire to Bollywood which shows, how stupid Bollywood was during 80s. Movie though used to run enough and earn also that time, but now those movies in present context stand nowhere.
I think Sajid Khan used to love Bollywood of 80s a lot and now he thought of remaking the same movie on the same plot without understanding other Indian's mindset.
Sajid Khan forgot that in this 30 years India has taken a leap, and now it has not remained the same audience who would accept any nonsense by paying you their hard earned money.
 Movie Himmatwala has nothing but the same "Ghisa pita story of maa beta and their lachari". Movie do not lack at anything else but the old dated script. Acting of characters or lead actors almost all played their role very dutifully. What lacked was the stupid jokes and insensible story line.
Sajid Khan lost all his earned reputation from Heyy Baby, Houseful & Houseful 2 by making this Himmatwala of 1983 in 2013.
Movie is truly a bakwas and will left you with nothing but a hope to get a disprin soon.
I would suggest to carry any pain killer before entering the movie hall for this movie.

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