Sunday, December 16, 2012

What it takes to be successful

What it takes to be successful?
Hard work, passion, dedication, interest in work is that all?
Most people believe this to be enough to get successful, but after some time they find that, this is not enough and still they lack something which is restricting them to reach the dream spot they had wished for.
The biggest problem arises here is that, either some people start believing that this is enough they had to achieve and this much was written into their fate and some people quit, thinking there is no end to desire and I should restrict my desire here.
 Most important thing which most people ignore while choosing their career is their hobby, dream and habit. They think their hobby, habit or dream has nothing to do with their career. They chose their career according to the situation prevailing and go with the option which they never would have thought before.
It is not the option which is important, but the dream our hobby and habit is really important.
It is not that some situations compel us to select the option available to us and taking us far from our dreams. Some situations are really unavoidable. This is the time you have to be bold enough to take a decision and show the real maturity.
Dreaming and following your dream is the most important opportunity available to anyone and this is also the toughest opportunity to be availed.
One need to be bold enough to chose the one which he/she had dreamt of.
The secret to any success is dream, believing in dream and then acting for that dream. And then the first line of this article will follow automatically.
All the above (first line) will automatically follow your dream and now you will surely get success to the specific level which you had dreamt and then you will never quit and will never saturate your mind with any level before the level you had dreamt.

Thanks & Regards
Ataul Haque.

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