Sunday, December 16, 2012

That is how I found what I love

That’s how I found what I love.
That’s how I found what I wanted.
You are unique in this world,
You have an unparalleled quality,
You can do something which no one else can do
Lovely lines, isn’t it?
I started believing these,
Found nothing, but still had hopes that I will surely find that.
Tried everything and did everything to know what I’m good at.
I purely invested 6 plus years on this,
Those days were my budding days,
but still was searching my that unique quality.
Then started losing my hope, almost become a mediocre.
I thought may be everyone is not unique,
There may be some people, who are unique,
But not everyone is unique.
I selected what I hadn’t thought of,
But the situation had compelled me to choose that.
I went with that selection for many days,
Put all my efforts to change the course of my life,
Got something, had now started believing that,
May be this is what may be designed for me.
Then suddenly after few success and failures,
My life halted, I found nothing ahead.
I found my life stopped, I found there is nothing ahead for me.
I thought to cut my life then and there.
There I found what I wanted,
I surprised to know that I had tried suppressing my real uniqueness
With every possible acts I can, but that strength never ended from me,
I had never thought of my habit and hobby to be my career.
I never had thought of making career out of my hobby.
And at last my hobby, my habits were the one,
Which were truly defining me and were truly
Giving shape to my career
Thanks to that dead end day of my life,
Which changed everything from then onwards.
Now I love what I do, now I love what I write,
Now I love what I listen, now I love what I see.
That’s how I found what I love.
That’s how I found what I wanted.

Thanks & Regards
Ataul Haque

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