Sunday, December 30, 2012

On Damini's Death: Make a pledge to treat women with respect and dignity

With Damini's death, the whole India and the world has come to stand still. Damini's death has asked us to please STOP now. Please STOP dishonoring women, please STOP disrespecting women, please STOP abusing, harrassing, eve teasing and raping women.
Please respect women with their dignity. Please STOP treating women like toys and objects.
Damini's death has showed a face of men, which is so real and cruel. Please change this inhumanity towards women, please change this attitude of misbehaving.
Masculinity means the power to protect, secure and guard and not to beat, harrass and rape. Please bring a reform in our family, society, our state and in our country.
Please lets make this pledge :

  • - We will personally treat all women at home and elsewhere with respect and demand the same from others
  • - We will not practice discrimination against women at home and in the workplace and will fight it wherever we see it
  • - We will intervene in whatever way we can when we see a woman being harassed whether verbally or by deeds. In all such cases, we will insist on FIRs being lodged and acted upon
  • - We will not vote for politicians who treat women with disrespect
    • Source(Times Of India).

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