Sunday, December 16, 2012

I always wanted to be an editor, writer, columnist and author

I always wanted to be an editor, writer, columnist and author. I tried escaping from destiny. I tried changing my dream. But the time and again I rebounded, the time taught me again the same, I cannot escape from my luck. Whatever I had chosen is still following me and trying its best to associate me. You can live a life of another’s choice may be for some days or week, but in the end you have to submit to your dream. Your dream always resides in some part of your brain, body, your surrounding your universe.
You cannot go out of reach from our own dreams, it always has a hold on you and catches us as soon as you seem to divulge from them.
Never depart from your choice, your dream, your hobby, your passion, you are perfect at. As these are the thing for which you are made of.
If you want to know the unique quality you have, try collecting those memories which would have made you ecstatic at some point of time, which would have made you excel somewhere. Remember those things which would have stopped you from sleeping, which would have given you an edge from others.
After confirmations and recollections of those dreams and moments from your past, go blindly with those. Don’t hesitate, don’t underestimate and don’t let anything stop you from doing what you want.
Do what you like and always wanted to do, don’t ever do what other forced you or situation demanded you to do.
Situations are like waves or tides they come and go, they are not for you to change your course of life. So, always flow with your dream, always flow with your hobby, your passion. You will love your life, you will love yourself, you will love your work.
And once you start loving your work, everything will work for you, everything will turn towards you. The world will play according to your tunes. The world will echo your voice, the world will behave as the way you want it to behave.
This is the reason every successful person in the world has been continuously saying to dream and then follow it.
Hope this will surely help you find your dream, your desire, your ambition and let you touch the untouched stone you ever wanted to touch.
Wish you a great kick start for your life.
This article is not like other articles to have a look and then start doing with the things which you don’t want, but to change the course of your life according to your taste or else if you have already started with your dream then to reaffirm yourself and give another gear to it.

Thanks & Regards
Ataul Haque

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