Friday, December 21, 2012

Amazon Kindle for Android review

Amazon Kindle
One of the gadget which is hottest this Christmas and making trends is Amazon’s Kindle. Other which are also on the wish list of people as their gifts are iPad and iPhones.
This article is for those who really love this gadget but are not able to afford this as a gadget but would love to have this as an app to their smart phones or tabs.
Amazon Kindle is one of the favorite App on my smart phone. I love reading books and Amazon has an ocean for this. I just need to search my book in Amazon’s vast ocean of books, if the book is free, download the book from the app itself and the book get stored in there only. One of the finest features about this app is its perfect syncing with your smart phone or your tab. It adjust the font size, page size and its contrast as well as its boundaries so well that you would love to read the book till its end and you will never get any letter also to be mismatched, its so much calibrated.
Now almost all the books in Amazon are available for Kindle version, so you don’t have to worry about the kindle version availability.
The size of this app for Android users are 17.88MB. This App also has its dedicated dictionary which you can use while reading by just long pressing the word and then the complete list of meaning on that same page will appear for that word.
The app also has its .pdf reader, so that you can read all kinds of .pdf files using this app.
What I like about this app is its vast source of books and its quality magazine available there.

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