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On Damini's Death: Make a pledge to treat women with respect and dignity

With Damini's death, the whole India and the world has come to stand still. Damini's death has asked us to please STOP now. Please STOP dishonoring women, please STOP disrespecting women, please STOP abusing, harrassing, eve teasing and raping women.
Please respect women with their dignity. Please STOP treating women like toys and objects.
Damini's death has showed a face of men, which is so real and cruel. Please change this inhumanity towards women, please change this attitude of misbehaving.
Masculinity means the power to protect, secure and guard and not to beat, harrass and rape. Please bring a reform in our family, society, our state and in our country.
Please lets make this pledge :

- We will personally treat all women at home and elsewhere with respect and demand the same from others- We will not practice discrimination against women at home and in the workplace and will fight it wherever we see it- We will intervene in whatever way we can when we see a woman being hara…

India Vs Pakistan resuming cricket rivalry with T20 on 25th dec 2012

Two Arch rivals India and Pakistan resuming cricket slogfest almost after 5 years. One of the biggest matches after the world cup 2011 one can say.
This match of 25th dec 2012 is also the first match after Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar has announced his retirement from One day International. One thing we will surely miss in this match and matches after this is Sachin Tendulkar.  Both the teams has many new faces and these new players are playing for the first time against Pakistan. if we see the history of Ind vs Pak in T20, they have played 3 matches and all the matches have been won by India only. Bhuvneswar Kumar and Ravindra Jadeja are the two new faces from team India.  Talking to the toss, Pakistan won the toss and elected to field. Ajinkya Rahane and Gautam Gambhir came first for batting and Mohd Irfan (tallest cricketer ever 7.1' ) with the first ball. 

God retired from his profession: Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin retirement made an end to an era of cricket which has made the cricket a religion for the entire nation. Sachin today retired from One day Internationals, we can never forget the days when lakhs of television sets used to switch off after his dismissal.
No one can defy the fact that many know cricket only because of Sachin. Only he is responsible to make cricket a religion for the entire nation India.
Sachin has been the biggest inspirer for many to enter cricket. He is the god of cricket and he defined cricket on his own style.
people's mind are volatile, there remained some flickering mind who forget his rising and achieving days and had started criticising his form, but a class player never forget his class, Sachin proved this many times in his career.
There remained almost no record unbroken, he defined many new records to break and its very certain that those records will be very difficult for others too to break.
Sachin is the emperor and he will always be the emperor of a…

Google Doodle of 22nd dec 2012 Srinivasa Ramanujan

Google paying homage to the great Indian mathematician and autodidact Srinivasa Ramanujan on his 125th birthday by placing a doodle on Google's India's homepage.
Google had started this trend few years back and got good response from its users. Users now eagerly waits for the homepage and some also design their doodle to be placed as Google homepage. Google also announce a Google4Doodle contest for children till std Xth every year and receives huge number of participants and their works. google places the winner's Doodle on children day and gives an award to the winner.
Here is the 22nd december 2012 Doodle.

Yun to sahi main ab bhi hun

Yun to sahi main ab bhi hun,
ishq zinda mujhme ab bhi hai
teri yadon ki lat to ab bhi lagi hai mujhme
sahi ya ghalat iski to samajh nahi mujhme

bas yeh ki shayad tu nahi thi mere liye
khuda ne socha kuch aur hi hai tere liye

Yun to zazbaat ab bhi hain jaage mere
ibadat ab bhi kayam hai meri tere waste
Khush hun ya ghum mein, iski to samajh nahi
bas aadat ab bhi teri mujhme wahi lagi hai kahin

tujhe bhool jaun iski to koyi ilteza bhi nahi
reh reh kar tu yaad aati, yeh kisi saza se kam bhi to nahi.

Damini now able to breath on her own

Delhi gang raped case: The Delhi girl who was taken to Safdurjung hospital after the brutal incident, has now been reported to be able to breath on her own. Last night from 2AM to 3:30PM she was off ventilator and doctors seems confident of her recovery with the girls fighting spirit.
According to the doctors girl is recovering fast inspite of infections and sepsis and she asking her mother to talk with. Doctors said she is not so strong enough to talk and thus they are avoiding her talking and also letting others talking to her.

Amazon Kindle for Android review

Amazon Kindle One of the gadget which is hottest this Christmas and making trends is Amazon’s Kindle. Other which are also on the wish list of people as their gifts are iPad and iPhones. This article is for those who really love this gadget but are not able to afford this as a gadget but would love to have this as an app to their smart phones or tabs. Amazon Kindle is one of the favorite App on my smart phone. I love reading books and Amazon has an ocean for this. I just need to search my book in Amazon’s vast ocean of books, if the book is free, download the book from the app itself and the book get stored in there only. One of the finest features about this app is its perfect syncing with your smart phone or your tab. It adjust the font size, page size and its contrast as well as its boundaries so well that you would love to read the book till its end and you will never get any letter also to be mismatched, its so much calibrated. Now almost all the books in Amazon are available for Kin…

That is how I found what I love

That’s how I found what I love. That’s how I found what I wanted. You are unique in this world, You have an unparalleled quality, You can do something which no one else can do Lovely lines, isn’t it? I started believing these, Found nothing, but still had hopes that I will surely find that. Tried everything and did everything to know what I’m good at. I purely invested 6 plus years on this, Those days were my budding days, but still was searching my that unique quality. Then started losing my hope, almost become a mediocre. I thought may be everyone is not unique, There may be some people, who are unique, But not everyone is unique. I selected what I hadn’t thought of, But the situation had compelled me to choose that. I went with that selection for many days, Put all my efforts to change the course of my life, Got something, had now started believing that, May be this is what may be designed for me. Then suddenly after few success and failures, My life halted, I found nothing ahead. I found my life stopped…

What it takes to be successful

What it takes to be successful? Hard work, passion, dedication, interest in work is that all? Most people believe this to be enough to get successful, but after some time they find that, this is not enough and still they lack something which is restricting them to reach the dream spot they had wished for. The biggest problem arises here is that, either some people start believing that this is enough they had to achieve and this much was written into their fate and some people quit, thinking there is no end to desire and I should restrict my desire here. Most important thing which most people ignore while choosing their career is their hobby, dream and habit. They think their hobby, habit or dream has nothing to do with their career. They chose their career according to the situation prevailing and go with the option which they never would have thought before. It is not the option which is important, but the dream our hobby and habit is really important. It is not that some situations compe…

I always wanted to be an editor, writer, columnist and author

I always wanted to be an editor, writer, columnist and author. I tried escaping from destiny. I tried changing my dream. But the time and again I rebounded, the time taught me again the same, I cannot escape from my luck. Whatever I had chosen is still following me and trying its best to associate me. You can live a life of another’s choice may be for some days or week, but in the end you have to submit to your dream. Your dream always resides in some part of your brain, body, your surrounding your universe. You cannot go out of reach from our own dreams, it always has a hold on you and catches us as soon as you seem to divulge from them. Never depart from your choice, your dream, your hobby, your passion, you are perfect at. As these are the thing for which you are made of. If you want to know the unique quality you have, try collecting those memories which would have made you ecstatic at some point of time, which would have made you excel somewhere. Remember those things which would ha…