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Google for Doodle 2012

This year's Google for Doodle winner announced as Arun Kumar yadav, 9th std student from Chandigarh.

Arun Kumar Yadav winner of 4th Google 4 Doodle competition 2012

Google India's 4th winner for Google4Doodle announced today as Arun Kumar Yadav. Arun is a std IX student of Kendriya Vidyalaya from Chandigarh.
Doodle for Google has been conducted since last 4 years by Google India. This competition for designing Doodles for Google has been kept open for students from classes 1 to 10 only. Every year different theme is set and this year's theme was 'Unity in Diversity', which was participated by 200k+ students, from all across the country. Out of more than 2 lakh submissions only 13 got selected and were sent for online exhibition, to choose the final winner from voting.

This year's winning Doodle title is 'India - A Prism if Multiplicity' which was live on the homepage. All the 13 finalists will receive a Google Goodie bag and a Samsung tablet

Doodle for Google participants generally get grouped into three different categories:
Group 1 having students from class 1 to 3.
Winner: Vasudevan Deepak -Calicut.
Group 2 …

Where IAC heading?

To be on TV everyday you really need to work hard and work lot. Arvind Kejriwal knows it very well. Its like more than 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week, that you need to devote to be on TV constantly.
In the recent past one year, the one and only face which has been telecasted by all Media channels is of Arvind Kejriwal.
He has been shown working all day long and nights. He is really working very hard to achieve his dream to bring about a face shift for our country.
It is like he has to achieve something in just 2 to 3 years, what others took 30 to 40 years. So anyone can count the pace which he require to achieve his goal.
You may hear something from people that Arvind Kejriwal is exposing very small scams, which is of no use, like that of Ambani's 100 crore and Goel's 125 crore in swiss bank.
Yeah, of course it is true and this hardly will have some strong effect on the govt policies and govt stand. But this exposure of Arvind is not for congress or for BJP or for Aam Aadmi…