Friday, October 19, 2012

Arvind Kejriwal is like Hitler or Gaddafi or Saddam?

Digvijay Singh is said to have compared Arvind Kejriwals style with Hitler's style. I think except congresses's   some of the hardcore loyal and party workers, no one will believe on this statement of Digvijay Singh.
But if you very carefully examine his previous statements, I said really, really very carefully you will find that Diggi Ji's statements really hold some facts hidden.
Be it about Ramdev's, Bal Thakre or about Anna's link with RSS which he proved by giving some antic pics.
But the fact is no one going to bother about the words of Digvijay Singh, at least now.

I may be wrong, I may seems to be supportive to Diggi ji or may seems to be rude against Arvind, but the matter of fact is, I'm not. I'm just comparing some of the great leaders of history with Arvind's style of marching.

If you have gone through the biographies of Muammar Ali Gaddafi of Lybia, or Saddam Hussain of Iraq, Idi Amin of Uganda, Parvej Musharraf of Pakistan or Hitler of Germany you will find that all these were a strong fighters of their time and were apple of eye to their nation. They all were heroes of their time.
But with the passing of time they changed, their attitude, their sensitivity their lifestyle everything changed with due course of time. They no more remained a hero but a villain for their own country. Hitler himself in his book mein Kemph described himself as insensitive because he used to think that people of his cadre, his status would not have suffered the extent he has in his life.
It will be unfair to say that all these one time hero of their nation would be having some hidden ambition to rule their country and disturb the normal life of their own countrymen.
But time changed everybody.
This example may not and I can't even hope this to be true with Arvind Kejriwal, but may be Digvijay Singh would be.

For Digvijay Singh, he if is such a knowledgeable person and educated historian then he must be knowing about Abraham Lincoln, our own Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Nelson Mandela who despite getting lots and lots of sufferings and miseries in their life never forgot their hope to free their nations. They all worked for their country throughout.
They all loved their country throughout and they all lived for the country throughout their life time.

So, if Arvind turns violent also if he gets the power (As power corrupts), it will be us who will be suffering Digvijay Singh ji. We still are suffering because we voted you to power.
If it will be another mistake if we chose Arvind, then be it, we are ready for that.
And if he remained same throughout, we very easily can fulfill our own former president's dream of developed nation by 2020. I hope Arvind win 2014 election and we the citizen of India be able to see our country in the list of developed nation by 2020.

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