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deadline for set top box in metro cities 31St October.

now digitization of TV viewing has been made compulsory in all the four metro cities of the country. Govt has decided to shun all the analog signals for TV channels after 31St October 2012. so bring set top box as soon as possible.
issued in public interest.

Arvind Kejriwal is like Hitler or Gaddafi or Saddam?

Digvijay Singh is said to have compared Arvind Kejriwals style with Hitler's style. I think except congresses's   some of the hardcore loyal and party workers, no one will believe on this statement of Digvijay Singh.
But if you very carefully examine his previous statements, I said really, really very carefully you will find that Diggi Ji's statements really hold some facts hidden.
Be it about Ramdev's, Bal Thakre or about Anna's link with RSS which he proved by giving some antic pics.
But the fact is no one going to bother about the words of Digvijay Singh, at least now.

I may be wrong, I may seems to be supportive to Diggi ji or may seems to be rude against Arvind, but the matter of fact is, I'm not. I'm just comparing some of the great leaders of history with Arvind's style of marching.

If you have gone through the biographies of Muammar Ali Gaddafi of Lybia, or Saddam Hussain of Iraq, Idi Amin of Uganda, Parvej Musharraf of Pakistan or Hitler of Germany …

Khaps too are human and they should be respected like all others

Its really very sad to hear such rude, harsh and even some abusive words against Khaps by the news channels these days. India has around 3 crore khaps. But still Media channels treating them like they are the only illiterate and ignorant people in the world.
They are a huge community and they are strictly following some strong rituals which for the current scenario don't suit at all, but that doesn't give us a reason to abuse them for their cultures and traditions. Its their own traditions they are following and we don't have any right to abuse them publicly.
Its true some of their decisions are wrong and very outdated, those rules should not be practiced anymore.
But who gave us this authority to say that they are not human or they don't have brain to think.
Its their tradition which they are following, they should not be explicitly guided to come over their tradition all of a sudden.
What I think is they need to understand the current situation on their own. And if they d…