Monday, July 16, 2012

Lonavla and Khandala the hilly forts of Maharashtra

Lonavla a hill station and a municipal council of Pune district in the state of Maharashtra truly resembles the hill fort for the state Maharashtra and particularly for the two giant cities Mumbai and Pune. The location Lonavla and Khandala though lies nearly in the midway, (nearer to Pune 64km) to Mumbai and Pune, provides a connecting link to the two of the biggest cities of Maharashtra. Lonavla & Khandala is very well connected with Mumbai-pune Highway and expressway.
Nearest airport is Pune 64km and other airport at Mumbai 104km.
Another connecting link to Lonavla and Khandala are trains, Local trains are available from Mumbai or from pune to Lonavla every hour. additionally all the trains going to Pune from Mumbai or trains going to Mumbai from Pune has an stoppage at Lonavla station.

There are though many scenic spots at Lonavla and Khandala, there are major 9 spots where you can go trekking in Lonavla and Khandala.
One of the best spot which I liked at Lonavla was Lions point which was in the midway to Bhushi Dam and Aamby valley.
View from Khandala, the mumbai pune expressway

Khandala-over the tunnel

Lonavla-view from Lion's point

Fog and clouds over Lonavla

Panoramic view of Lonavla and Khandala

Tigers point-lonavla

A clifftop view, you can watch the whole greenery, huge mountains, milky waterfall, gorges and the best part, the fogs and clouds surrounding you and some below your point of standing.Really exhilarating and will fill you with lots more energy to move to other scenic places of Lonavla.

Then you can move to each places you saw from this Lion's point like Aamby valley and then to Bhushi Dam.
Bhushi Dam which attracts most tourist because of its unique kind of man-made structure which lets the water flow stepwise and allows the tourists to sit on those steps and enjoy the gushing water rush and dance on the bits of gushing water sound made their.
 Other attraction includes Raiwood garden which has many tall trees and wide spaces for children to play and there also you can find a shiva temple in that huge garden.

Khandal which is just 3 km from Lonavla station and around 7km from Karjat station is another major attraction for the tourist. Khandala is located on the top of Bhor Ghat. At Khandala you will love to see the scenic beauty of surrounded plateaus and mountains from the duke's nose, this offers a panoramic view of Khandala and part of Lonavla.
Another memorable place to visit at Khandala can be the Old British Jail, Monkey point and Mataji temple.  

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