Thursday, July 19, 2012

Defamation to Bharat Ratna award by Sherlyn Chopra

With becoming the first Indian ever to pose for the 'Playboy' Magazine cover, Sherlyn Chopra wants her to be given the highest civilian award of India "Bharat Ratna".
The award which is awarded for the highest degree of national service, she thinks she fits into it. This 'Bharat Ratna' or (Gems/Jewel of India-translated) is given to the eminent personalities who held from the following categories artistic, literary, scientific achievements and recognition of the public service of the highest order.
If ranked Bharat Ratna holders are given 7th rank in the Indian order of precedence. This is just a little reflection of  what 'Bharat Ratna' mean to an Indian. And this former Bollywood actress 'Sherlyn Chopra' who  is not even known to most of the Indians, now demands the highest degree award for being chosen as the cover page for a renowned men's magazine which features photographs of nude women, some fictions and journalism.
Its not new to Indian masses, that some celebrities do cheap publicity to get some fame, but its really very new after that incident of Gehna Vashist wearing a bikini of our national flag India, that this another low grade actress defaming 'Bharat Ratna' by declaring herself as an eligible member to receive this highest degree of civilian award.
I think if this kind of cheap publicity be accepted hereafter, people will go on defaming all they like. We need to loud our voice to stop these kind of cheap publicity. Comment below and go sharing this, treating
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Sherlyn Chopra touting for Bharat Ratna

"News source: Yahoo News"
Picture source by her tweeter Id: @SherlynChopra

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