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Why this Kolaveri Salman

Is this called media and freedom of media or the TRP game of Media channels. Why this is happening is really tough to understand? Is India a secular country, where all religions have the equal right to enjoy and practice his religion?
I don't understand why sometime media start giving importance to some noisy and filthy things. Salman Rushdie not allowed to attend the literary fest. So, what? Is he the only notable author left in the world. That rascal/bastard Salman Rushdie. I'm using my freedom of speech and text to say Salman Rushdie a bastard.
So, no one should feel hurt on this.
If everyone has the right to do everything utilizing his/her freedom of expression and speech then go on abusing and assaulting every other person you met on road as you have that freedom of intellectual expression.
How dare that bastard Rushdie can use abusive language against a particular sect hurting millions of followers of that particular sect.
If freedom of expression means that you can defame anybody and everything, from Golden temple by a TV host 'Jay Leno'in America, Bharat Maata by MF Hussain and similarly this Salman Rushdie's "The Satanic Verses". I'm really shocked how different approaches taken to similar incidents.
When MF Hussain was expelled, all said it was wrong to expel him out of his country for his paintings. Similarly when Golden temple was abused everybody except America condemn the activity of that TV show. But now again when a person who utilized his freedom of expression to much exaggerated way, no one is seen to condemn his activity.
Why two faces? 
I would like to ask all those who favor Salman Rushdie, "Why this buzz over Salman Rushdie?". Salman Rushdie is no doubt a good author, but we should not allow anybody to cross the limit of his freedom and rights.
If today a particular sect is victimized, tomorrow you too can be a victim of words by some other. In this way all we have to do is to wait for our turn, when we will be abused and assaulted for cheap publicity.
hurling shoes to celebrities becoming common because nothing is done against all those who do this cheap activity. Similarly these authors are doing by hurling some abusive words to different communities. There should be some check or restrictions implemented to control these activities. Or else be prepare for your turn.
Salman Rushdie
Just like Bastard salman Rushdie.


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