Friday, December 9, 2011

Why and why not Prashant Bhushan is correct in his approach

When Prashant Bhushan says we did a referendum and majority are with the Jan Lokpal Bill, all agrees to this.
Now the same person when ask for the referendum in Kashmir on the issue of whether Kashmiris want to be connected with the India mainstream or not?
Almost 85% to 95% population oppose to his statement.(including me)
Now again when Prashant Bhushan says that the Abhishek manu singhvi who is the head of standing committee is a traitor or corrupt as he had advocated for many organization's which were corrupt all agrees to it. What are we thinking, are we really lost our mind of analyzing the gimmicks  played with us?
Why we come into the words of a person without analyzing the truth.

Prashant Bhushan may be right in saying about Singhvi, but for the same reason hating a person like Singhvi is good for our political health or for our democracy?
Why we are becoming so reckless, what has gone wrong with us, why we are now unable to distinguish between the truth and gimmicks played with us.

If this continues, I don't think we are far from Libya's condition. Gaddafi who used to be one of the favorite and most popular personality in Libya, people used to die for him and always remaining ready to die for him. What happened to him, at last people themselves had to kill him like dog.
Similar is the case with Saddam Hussain, once a popular king and killed like animals.
So, are we too heading the same direction, blindly following a person only because he has a good aim and goal which may prove healthy for our nation.

He may changes his mind, he may start misusing the power. What if Arvind Kejriwal,( its obvious Anna will not be the Lokpal) becomes the Jan Lokpal with all his demands fulfilled, power in his hand changes mind.
He starts blackmailing the PM, Chief Justice Of India, who else would be left with? As he will be having the immense power to control and decide.

He says if anyone can complain against Lokpal action will be taken. Let it be, I will be complaining against him, when I found him doing some corruption, first how many of you will believe me and is it that easy that other Lokayukts or Lokpals will trust my word and start investigating against him? Whats the probability of investigation against him within a month? And if not within a month, a person like me, who is a common man can be killed easily searched through various means right, so the case solved!

So, How safe we are with the Jan lokpal with all the immense powers in the hand of Jan Lokpal.
Don't say me you trust Arvind? Actually you cannot. Any one can change. Barrack Obama too after getting the Nobel piece prize changed. A top rank army officer too gets changed, chief justice of India from Bengal too gets changed.
So, who do you believe will not change?
So, I think Lokpal should be strong enough to control all except PM and Chief Justice Of India.

Why FDI in retail should be allowed with 51% stake in India?
                                                                 in my next post!!

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