Friday, December 9, 2011

Where India heading

Is it the retaliation by the people against the govt. or the people being misguided? 
The thing is, are we right in our approach to oppose the govt? Or we need some better devise to deal with this existing system. Or is it that we are now misguided under a conspiracy?
Lets move out from here and think this in a different angle. We all know whenever some of our men are caught by Pakistani soldiers, very few channels report it saying, our fishermen arrested by Pakistan when they unintentionally crossing the border. Unable to digest it!!
Again when some of the Pakistani men arrested in India, on crossing the border, they either be killed or are reported as some terrorist trying to enter the border, arrested by Indian Army. Fine... may be all News are 100% true, as it is reported.
Again some days back, during Anna Hazare ji's fast, some thousands of people collected in Lucknow to protest against Anna, saying "No, one can defy Dr BR Ambedkar's constitution, not even Anna". How many of you who are reading this, heard this news and how many times it was telecasted by media channels.
On price rise during the protest of Anna against corruption some 1.5 lac people gathered in Delhi as said by Ravi Shankar Prasad, but how many times it was channeled on News. I think only once or two in whole day. And from next day, nothing even discussed.
Every time Anna Hazare, what he is saying, what his team mates, eating, drinking and doing, everything. Just in few Nights Anna became a super hero and Arvind kejriwal on top of him from backside. Not a single day he was shown laughing, or that guy never smile?
Inflation went high, due to petrol prices hike, News almost 24 hour repeating on all News channels. how many of the same news channels reported, when it decreased and for how many hours. Who they called for discussion? No one!!
Is it not that media misguiding us?
Why it is that, all of a sudden, almost all youth came knowing about politics. Guys who used to flick away on listening the word politics are now giving lecture on it for hours.And this is not limited to some, almost everybody engulfed.
Don't you think this sudden change in the mindset or interest in politics, misguiding youth.
Politics is not a peg of wine, which you can drink in just one sip. It needs lots of patience and learning through perspiration to get to know this. And what is happening, everybody is now a 'NETA'.
Who made us 'neta'? is it media or bad politics?
Answer can be both?
Of course the bad politics has instigated the rage against the existing scenario.
But media too is becoming irresponsible. They are not only reporting but are also embedding their own thoughts in our minds. Is it the ethics of true journalism?

(Why and why not Prashant Bhushan is correct in his approach?)
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