Saturday, December 10, 2011

Is Lokpal the solution to all problem

What is this Lokpal, who will run this Lokpal?
Is it that it will be a solution for everyone, every problem existing in India?
From where the people will come for running this Lokpal? Do they(members of Lokpal) come from Planet Mars or what?
Is it the first time, that any policy or rule is going to be framed, who and how one can be so confident that, this Lokpal will have no corruption and with its formation all the problems in India will be solved.
Who are these five members of Anna team, from where they have descended to arrive at a conclusion, that what they have made is the complete remedy for all sorts of problems in India. Are these five members are only intelligent people left in the country and we all sorts of people are dumb.

How will this Lokpal alone will be the solution to every problem arising in India everyday. Why Lokpal needs so immense power under his hand? Why not first prove taking the higher bureaucracy and remove corruption from there. And if it is found that Lokpal is effective in curbing the menace of corruption then include lower bureaucracy too into it. How alone this Lokpal will control 63 lakhs of workers of C grade. Why Lokpal wants  lower bureaucracy under his ambit.
Why Lokpal needs so immense power into his hand?

And how this Lokpal will solve all the problems of India after becoming the strongest power in the country is a thing to be watched for. Lokpal is definitely now with the current proposal of Anna's team is superior than parliament , Chief Justice of India and PM. Just excluded President.
Anna team can even ask for Presidents inclusion. As this team of 5 members are the only elite left in the country and all are freak, crazy and corrupt. Only Kiran bedi, Arvind Kejriwal, Prashant Bhushan and Manish Sisodiya are the only non corrupt left in the country.


  1. Lokpal will run by elected representatives these will be chosen by government and public as well....mainly it will consist of devoted government officials such as retired judges who worked well, famous devoted officers etc..

    Indian Social Affairs

  2. So, you guarantee that those elected representatives chosen by govt and public as well will not do corruption. who do you guarantee, that this particular will not be corrupt.
    Corruption has now become almost a norm. We can't expel it out unless, we ourselves commit to it.


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