Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Baba Ramdev Conspiring against Anna hazare

I was just watching a program on AajTak hosted by Sumit and he had called Baba Ramdev for discussion. Baba Ramdev repeatedly blaming the Govt for the conspiracies against Anna. Though AajTak team is consistently proved him and us the viewers that Jaish-Mohammad a terrorist group may be involved behind these conspiracies. But still Ramdev arguing to it saying that he is 99% confident that, its not the terrorist group but the govt itself is planning to kill Anna.

Completely a baseless allegation by a public figure, do he understand, what he says, or just because he is on TV uttering anything coming to his mind. I doubt he is hallucinating.
One cannot deny the fact that, with the advent of Anna only the craze of Ramdev got diminished. People started hating Ramdev because of his cheap girls suit stunt at Ram Lila ground. We also can't ignore the fact that, from the day on, Ramdev started putting false allegation against the Congress party and he left no stone upturned for abusing the govt and congress. He even abused Dr. Manmohan Singh to be the mediator for Walmart.
Ramdev in the process, failed to notice that he himself is losing his hold and dignity among the people of India. And Dr. Manmohan Singh just like a gentleman thought to ignore such baseless comments.
So, I highly by these incidents doubt that may be Ramdev conspiring against Anna Hazare and if something happens to him, people may go with his words and he will be skipped.

I think he has no idea of the CBI in India, who has called his Aide or the owner of Astha Channel Balkrishna for false passport documents and forgery certificates of tenth and graduations.

Ramdev needs some Pranayam to work out, he is missing these after getting involved in politics to very extent.

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  1. Mr. Ataul Haque,
    The female suit stunt was not at Ram Lila Stadium as you have stated it was at Ram Lila Ground. Ram Lila Ground is a place where mass meeting can be held and is popular for the yearly Ram Lila which is held on the eve of Dussehra.
    Yes, Ramdev in the greed to be a national leader has lost all the word and is confussed as to how he should hold the flag of Corruption Free India and achieve what he desires.


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