Saturday, December 10, 2011

Anna's remarks on Rahul Gandhi

Anna says in an interview that "Rahul Gandhi don't want to have a stronger Lokpal."
What a baseless statement made by a leader who is seen by whole India.
Is Anna having any clue or proof if asked, how he made this statement? I can definitely say, he will not be having any answer to this. Just throwing the arrows in blank doesn't mean, it will all again strike the target.
Rahul gandhi had never told any such statement which gives a sense that, he wants a weaker Lokpal. But Anna sensed it, he may be knowing it well.

Anna now has completely politicized his protest against corruption. And I think its no more the war between Anna and corruption but its a war between Anna and Congress. Anna not publicly declaring that he wants the war to be politicized, but is really playing the game keeping the gun on the shoulders of a social activist Anna. Anna masquerading with the Social Activist Anna. And actually has dived into the realms of politics. He can't help himself diving into this politics, whatsoever he say, but no more we can see the real Anna who had really fought against the govt and had a fast for 12 days.
This Anna is completely a brand new one and there is almost no similarity between the two. 

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