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Shah Rukh khan's trouble in Kerala

Wednesday proved to be a bad day for the King Of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan.
Shah Rukh Khan was invited by a textile showroom owner for the inauguration of the showroom. To this event Shah Rukh Khan presented his recent hit song "Chhammak Chhallo" from the movie Ra.One with some skimpy clad artistes in the background dancing with him. This annoyed the police of Kerala and some people of Kerala ask for filing a case against him for indecent representation of women. Police registered the case against Shah Rukh Khan and the textile showroom owner in connection with the violation of Indecent representation of woman act 1986 under section 3,6.

Though its not new for celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan. And till now no response has come from the King of Bollywood for this case. May be his lawyer need to be present at the court for his case.
Many similar cases are registered against many of the celebrities, but none of these celebrities pay heed to these kind of cases.

Actors like Amitabh Ba…

Why Major Dhyan Chand should be given Bharat Ratna instead of Sachin Tendulkar first

Now as the govt. has freed any restriction to Bharat Ratna categories and now person from all field are eligible to get Bharat Ratna award, the debate now starts again on who should be given Bharat Ratna first?
To this list some of the name that are coming are Dhyan Chand former Indian Hockey pleyer used to play for Indian Army team before the freedom of 1947. Major Dhyan Chand is credited for taking Gold medal in three consecutive olympic games that is 1928 in Amsterdam, 1932 in Los Angeles and 1936 in Berlin Germany.

Major Dhyan Chand is also the recipient of Padma Bhushan in the year 1956 while he was of age 51. The same year he was promoted to the major post in Army through punjab regiment.
To Dhyan Chand's memory his birthday 29th August is being observed as the national sports day in India. On this day National sports day different awards like Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award, arjuna award and Dronacharya award are given to the players who shows exceptional sports in their fields.

Most Googled Celebrity 2011

There was days when only few of the stars like britney spears used to be searched on Google and Internet. Gone are those days, now to this list many new faces has taken the place, all over the world. The trend is changing people are searching for some even unknown or who had given debut to the celebrity Industry. people want to know about those who get limelight overnight. In this list Sunny Leone a new face to the Bollywood Industry is topping the chart, being the most Googled celeb in India.
Similarly due to the single release album "Friday" Rebecca black ranked #1 as the most Googled celeb in the world as a whole.
Coming to UK, the top place is reserved by Angelina Jollie, quite known to many Hollywood fans. Angelina Jolie took over Jessica Jane Clement leaving her to #2 and Ricky Gervais to #3. Megan to #4 and Britney to #5.

Most Googled persons in the year 2011 released by Google Zeitgeist has also amazed many, these are as follows:
Rebecca BlackRyan DunnCasey AnthonyAdele …

Major Dhyan Chand for Bharat Ratna

Food Security Bill in India 2011

Food Security Bill in India Food security bill can also be referred as the improved, strong and advanced Public distribution system which is currently running in India. This bill has an aim to improve the existing distribution system and also to reach the farthest regions and people who are needy and need food at substantially low prices. Govt. has devised this bill which will cost around 1lakh Crore to the govt. to provide food security to around 75lakh households in the country.
One of the prime concerns of this Food Security bill is provide the Food security to the people who are below poverty line and people who are above this limit and can buy at very low prices. So, govt. has decided to provide Rice to these kind of people at Rs.3/kg , Wheat at Rs. 2/kg and maize for just Rs 1/per kg. This Food security bill proposes to make right to food a legal right.” This bill if passed guarantee food security to the 63% of the India’s population which includes 75% of the rural population and …

How congress can pass Lokpal Bill safely before 23rd december 2011

Anna's verdict for Congress party government:
After so many assurances, talks, letters, sense of house given to Anna, what he really got is nothing. So, Anna on this date 17th of December unable to control his anger and written again a letter to the Prime Minister saying, "Quit, we don't need a government like this." It is very much expected from an old man of 78 or so, how much he can fight for the same cause again and again. If he is believed, he has been fighting for this cause for more than 3 decades, that's really commendable. For whom is fighting, do he has any own agenda or fruit out of this protest, may be no. He is not going to enjoy this corruption free India in his, life he knows it well, but he surely want a step for that India, which may be corruption free. "What's wrong in it, if a person thinks to make his country corruption free."

Its now more than a year passed, govt has not shown any such great assurance from his side or has really s…

Vijay Diwas, India's win over Pakistan in 1971

It was 16th december 1971, when Chief of pakistan army General Aamir Abdullah Khan Niazi surrendered himself with other 93000 army men, in front of the major general Jagjit Singh Arora of India in the Ramna race course in Dhaka after their defeat in war, Jagjit Singh was also the allied commander of Bangladesh Liberation war and India. This event marked the two victories, one of India which is known as Vijay Diwas over Pakistan and other is the victory of Liberation of Bangladesh war group.

The duration of war was just 48 hours, within this small duration Indian army allied with Bangladesh retaliated the Air force of Pakistan from Agra, Amritsar, Srinagar to their own territory. As Pakistan's Air force had started targeting the Indian's army and air force base on 14th december 1971.

Just few days back when the then Prime Minister of India had asked the Air Marshal Manekshaw about the preparation, he had told, we are not prepared and we will attack only when we will be prepared. …

World's cheapest tablet Aakash on sale now

World’s cheapest Tablet Aakash on sale nowThe world’s cheapest Tablet Aakash built by a Canadaian company Data Wind has now put the tablet on sale online. It is now available at just Rs. 2500/- for students version tablet and UbiSlate 7 version for non students at Rs 2999/- only. This Aakash tablet claims to be the world’s cheapest tablet with android version 2.3.  The specification of Aakash tablet is impressive.The commercial version of Aakash is powered by android version 2.3. This tablet has a resistive touch screen with the cortex processor of A8-700 MHz, Having a RAM of 256MB and 2GB Internal Memory. This tablet also has a HD video processor and Graphics Accelerator. This Tablet also accompanies one standard USB port and 3.5mm audio jack. GPRS as well as Wifi Support, 7 inch wide display screen having 800x480 pixel resolution. Here is the gist/summary of specification: 1.OS Android version 2.3 2.Touch Screen 3.A8-700 MHz cortex processor 4.RAM 256MB 5.Internal memory 2GB 6.HD Video proc…

What is the exact black money stashed in Swiss bank by Indians

What is the exact India black money stashed in Swiss bankBlack money is the money which is earned through black market and in which taxes has not been paid. In context to the amount of black money of India, different people have different way of calculation for black money stashed in LGT, Liechtenstien. According to the IIM professor R Vaidyanathan it is about 7,280,000 Crores or US$1.14 trillion. According to Swiss bank officials (unidentified source) it is about 65 lakh crores.  According to the main opposition party of India BJP it is about 25 lakh crores. And going far ahead from all these great (mathematician of India) another mathematician Yogic Baba Ramdev through his wit calculated the amount to be 400 lakh crore. That’s about 16 times more than the amount calculated by BJP.  Baba Ramdev is real genius, though he also able to crack out the list of names who have stashed the black money in Swiss bank, but now he is not in the mood to release the names and asking the Govt. to r…

Baba Ramdev Conspiring against Anna hazare

I was just watching a program on AajTak hosted by Sumit and he had called Baba Ramdev for discussion. Baba Ramdev repeatedly blaming the Govt for the conspiracies against Anna. Though AajTak team is consistently proved him and us the viewers that Jaish-Mohammad a terrorist group may be involved behind these conspiracies. But still Ramdev arguing to it saying that he is 99% confident that, its not the terrorist group but the govt itself is planning to kill Anna.

Completely a baseless allegation by a public figure, do he understand, what he says, or just because he is on TV uttering anything coming to his mind. I doubt he is hallucinating.
One cannot deny the fact that, with the advent of Anna only the craze of Ramdev got diminished. People started hating Ramdev because of his cheap girls suit stunt at Ram Lila ground. We also can't ignore the fact that, from the day on, Ramdev started putting false allegation against the Congress party and he left no stone upturned for abusing the go…

Is FDI in retail in India beneficial?

From the economist point of view, if you consider FDI in retail, it is really a good and commendable step. FDI in India is a must, considering the economic crisis following India. India till now has not been affected by recession like the European countries faced it, Its now the second major recession in just three years including the recession on 2008. But India due to its strict economic policies survived both the recessions.

But its not a moment to be happy for India, as though recession of west did not hurt India largely, but the recession which is now approaching and ready to engulf India on its own is the inherent policies of Indian govt.
If by the end of 2012 govt of India don't take some bold steps to invite foreign investment, then there may be chances that India will too be engulfed into another recession created by his own inherent policies.

Govt of India need to take bold and strong steps like inviting major MNCs and manufacturing sectors who are waiting for Indian govt&#…

Anna's remarks on Rahul Gandhi

Anna says in an interview that "Rahul Gandhi don't want to have a stronger Lokpal."
What a baseless statement made by a leader who is seen by whole India.
Is Anna having any clue or proof if asked, how he made this statement? I can definitely say, he will not be having any answer to this. Just throwing the arrows in blank doesn't mean, it will all again strike the target.
Rahul gandhi had never told any such statement which gives a sense that, he wants a weaker Lokpal. But Anna sensed it, he may be knowing it well.

Anna now has completely politicized his protest against corruption. And I think its no more the war between Anna and corruption but its a war between Anna and Congress. Anna not publicly declaring that he wants the war to be politicized, but is really playing the game keeping the gun on the shoulders of a social activist Anna. Anna masquerading with the Social Activist Anna. And actually has dived into the realms of politics. He can't help himself diving i…

Is Lokpal the solution to all problem

What is this Lokpal, who will run this Lokpal?
Is it that it will be a solution for everyone, every problem existing in India?
From where the people will come for running this Lokpal? Do they(members of Lokpal) come from Planet Mars or what?
Is it the first time, that any policy or rule is going to be framed, who and how one can be so confident that, this Lokpal will have no corruption and with its formation all the problems in India will be solved.
Who are these five members of Anna team, from where they have descended to arrive at a conclusion, that what they have made is the complete remedy for all sorts of problems in India. Are these five members are only intelligent people left in the country and we all sorts of people are dumb.

How will this Lokpal alone will be the solution to every problem arising in India everyday. Why Lokpal needs so immense power under his hand? Why not first prove taking the higher bureaucracy and remove corruption from there. And if it is found that Lokpal is…

Why and why not Prashant Bhushan is correct in his approach

WhenPrashant Bhushan says we did a referendum and majority are with the Jan Lokpal Bill, all agrees to this.
Now the same person when ask for the referendum in Kashmir on the issue of whether Kashmiris want to be connected with the India mainstream or not?
Almost 85% to 95% population oppose to his statement.(including me)
Now again when Prashant Bhushan says that the Abhishek manu singhvi who is the head of standing committee is a traitor or corrupt as he had advocated for many organization's which were corrupt all agrees to it. What are we thinking, are we really lost our mind of analyzing the gimmicks  played with us?
Why we come into the words of a person without analyzing the truth.

Prashant Bhushan may be right in saying about Singhvi, but for the same reason hating a person like Singhvi is good for our political health or for our democracy?
Why we are becoming so reckless, what has gone wrong with us, why we are now unable to distinguish between the truth and gimmicks played with…

Where India heading

Is it the retaliation by the people against the govt. or the people being misguided?
The thing is, are we right in our approach to oppose the govt? Or we need some better devise to deal with this existing system. Or is it that we are now misguided under a conspiracy?
Lets move out from here and think this in a different angle. We all know whenever some of our men are caught by Pakistani soldiers, very few channels report it saying, our fishermen arrested by Pakistan when they unintentionally crossing the border. Unable to digest it!!
Again when some of the Pakistani men arrested in India, on crossing the border, they either be killed or are reported as some terrorist trying to enter the border, arrested by Indian Army. Fine... may be all News are 100% true, as it is reported.
Again some days back, during Anna Hazare ji's fast, some thousands of people collected in Lucknow to protest against Anna, saying "No, one can defy Dr BR Ambedkar's constitution, not even Anna". How…

What is love?

Love is a feeling of oneness, togetherness, closeness and firmness. If one is in love he/she feels all the above words. And those who lost their love due to any problem feel the loss of all these, hence terms this love to be the best and even the worst thing in life.

Dev Anand Sahab passes away in london after a heart attack

Legendary actor Dev Anand Sahab passes away in London after a major heart attack. He was of 88 years and the recipients of Padma Bhushan in 2001 and Dada Sahab Phalke award in 2002. He was a versatile actor, writer, director and producer of several Bollywood films.
He acted in more than 100 films and directed more than 35 movies. He had won the Filmfare award in the year 1958.