Saturday, November 12, 2011

Who is better BJD, BJP or Indian National Congress party?

OSR: please share your opinion and views on and about Indian National Congress and current ruling party BJD who ruled for a long time. To whom you feel worked out better and progressive works for Orissa and its people.

Aahafaiz: Its obvious, Biju Janta Dal is the most famous political party in current scenario in Odisha. But if you will say to compare political parties I would say none are of my choices. I believe on the leader or individuals in the parties and not the parties as a whole. Like I like Narendra Modi for Gujarat, Sheila Dixit for Delhi, Mamta Bannerjee for Pashchimbanga, Nitish Yadav for Bihar, Atal bihari Vajpayee as an individual, Subramaniam Swami of Janta Dal and Dr. Manmohan Singh of congress.
But if you ask me any particular party I would say i'm confused. I don't trust any particular party.
In present day conditions I would say though it seems that Manmohan Singh is taking hard and strict steps which is opposed by most of the population, but If you see insight you will realize if we really want to cherish our dream of developed nation by 2020. govt has to take these kind of harsh steps. Once these petroleum companies resolve their losses and a balance between the demand and supply come to a break-even point we can think of some better alternatives. And hence now we have to suffer. And as far as my knowledge is concerned Manmohan Singh has proved his wit many times. If you see the 1994's time when he was the finance minister. And also you can check just 3 years back when India has stepped into the global arena and has been recognized by the International market, Its all due to Dr. Manmohan Singh.
In the context of Biju Janta dal I can say naveen pattnaik is really a good and honest man, but his ministers are no less than A Raja or Kalmadi or BS Yeddyurappa.

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