Thursday, November 17, 2011

Quality of education in Odisha

Krishna Chandra Padhy :Do you think Quality of education in Odisha is degrading day by day?

Aahafaiz: @Krishna Chandra Padhy, You have raised a valid topic, but are you really concerned to the quality of education given in the primary schools of Odisha?
If your topic focuses on the quality of education given in the Govt primary schools of Odisha, then I completely agree with you. I too have noticed the absence and irregularity of teachers in schools. Quality is not degrading but the mentality of teachers and enthusiasm in teaching style has surely depreciated since 90's.
teachers in wand of some good rewards and promotion used to teach students, but now due to Govt's lack of any such incentives for the teachers and schools, teachers are now habituated with their daily works and don't expect much from govt. This lack of incentives and promotions has led the teachers to go on hibernation.
Govt should focus on the primary schools and their maintenance too, just creating a school building and leaving them under some 2-3 teachers for years are sure to show this kind of degradation in the quality of education.
When you work, you too want to be noticed, but in the case of these primary school teachers they don't find any one vigilant on them, so they too are relaxed in their works.

But for the context you have mentioned here, about the degradation in the level of quality education in Odisha, I would this is not true, but in contrast it has been raised to many fold with the mushrooming of many private institutions in Odisha. These private institution very carefully take care of their teacher and staffs and always keep an eye on their performance and rewards accordingly. This has led to the competition among the students, teachers and schools too.

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