Monday, October 31, 2011

Taslima Nasreen worse creature existing on planet earth

This lady Taslima Nasreen though is said to be brave, but I think is the weakest. She knows one thing and works on one philosophy that people are foolish and can be fooled easily. Thing you need to do is instigate something which not yet happened. Those who had been irritated with their life will sure come to you for rescue. What happened is that some people who come to know this fact that, this world is very diverse and full of beliefs and dis-beliefs starts working on one project which is least overtaken. She knew there are very few who are atheist and want to live life on their own, being thirsty whole life. If she start hating something than its by sure people will tend to flock towards her in opposition, simply cheap publicity. she knows Islam and chose this to be best, as this community is known for its strictness and fundamentalism.
Her point was clear she went right along her path and now she is one of the most infamous women in the planet. One of the most rude and heinous creature.
She cant tolerate anyone in her life. Raped by innumerable number of so called husbands and want others women too to be like her. She can't resist other women live happily with their husbands, so she tweeted "Muslim women deserves to have sex with 72 virgin men on the earth as they won't get these things in heaven." It means other castes women are having sex 72 times at least in their life with virgin men and only Islam was restricting this particular act so she mentioned Muslim women to do so. Unbelievable such a creature can exist. I think she has nothing in her life except having sex with virgin men. Why don't she chose prostitution, amazed!.

She will be paid for what she love to have.

She turned atheist because she can't figure out the purpose of creating religion and faith in this society. If these religion would not be existing then many people are most likely to be like her, who wants to have done with it 72 times afresh with different poses. Thank God we have and had many wise men on earth who created religion who can relinquish their mind for doing something else than doing what Taslima wants always to have.
That is allowing us to do blogging and allowing us to fly to moon because of those wise men. Else male have been leaking the bile and taslima(kind of females) waiting with the duct.

Most heinous creature ever heard. If you don't belief something, let it be with you and don't try to influence others by your wicked thoughts.

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