Monday, October 24, 2011

Doodle for Google India's gift to the world

Google has announced again the Doodle for Google contest 2011. Last year Akshay raj of bangalore was the winner of Google doodle from India.
The theme for Google's doodle this time is "India's gift to the world".  Till now 155,000 entries have been submitted and 45 out of them have been selected from the contest. This contest held at various schools in India and children of class 1 to class 9 took part in it actively.

If you want to submit your doodle you can submit it at this mail id:
Some of the entries for voting is at this page. check this link for entries and vote for your nominee.

To know more about the doodle go through this link:-

Google's doodle "India's gift to world"

This doodle has been submitted by "Abhineet Kumar of St. Michael's High School".
This Doodle I found most creative, so I place it on my Blog.
There are many more entries: Go for a check at this link 

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