Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Deepak Chaurasia should Join BJP leaving star NEWS

Sudheendra kulkarni arrested, sent to Tihar Jail today for cash for vote case. Sudheendra kulkarni is a former BJP advisor. It was well in advanced guessed by the Blogger Sanjay Jha on star news.
Why i'm writing this you will understand by reading the lines below.
It was 6th september 2011, An issue was being debated by the Deepak Chaurasia News reporter of Star News. Two guest were called on the show, they were Sanjhay Jha a blogger(CNN IBN) and Ravi shankar prasad, BJP spokesperson. The topic to be discussed was who is the master mind behind the cash for vote on aaccount of Amar Singh going to Tihar Jail with two other ministers of BJP.
Now Deepak Chaurasia asked Sanjay Jha to comment and he told that, he thinks behind all this case of 'CASH FOR VOTE' BJP is the mastermind. And its not just a small conspiracy but a very big conspiracy created by BJP to topple down the Government. As at that time BJP had sensed that Govt. will have 'No Confidence' or low confidence and this is a good chance for them to topple the UPA govt.
This statement of Sanjay Jha was not digested by the reporter Deepak Chauraia and he told the blogger that, "I think you read lots of fictitious stories" and that's why you are thinking Bhartiya Janta Party to be behind all this scam of 'CASH FOR VOTE'.
Sanjay even asked Deepak to ask questions directly to Ravi shankar prasad that, why they didn't go for huge rally or agitation that time, when they feel that UPA govt has done all this.
To this again Deepak hold the rope and first tried himself to give answers to Sanjay then on repeated request by sanjay he asked Ravi Shankar Prasad ji the answer. To this Ravi Shankar replied on his own way.

"This is one of the many instances where i have found Deepak Chaurasia safeguarding BJP and forgetting the ethics of true journalism and reporting."
There are lots and lots of instances which proves that, Deepak Chaursia is biased and partial towards Bhartiya Janta party.
So, i earnestly request Deepak Chaurasia sir to go for election if he truly believes that BJP 'Doodh ki dhuli hui hai'.
This was the question asked by the Deepak to Sanjay: "Aap ko lagta hai ki Congress doodh ki dhuli hui hai."
I remember on the same day i had put this title as my status on Facebook.https://www.facebook.com/atauldilse/posts/10150288327992763

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