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Deepak Chaurasia should Join BJP leaving star NEWS

Sudheendra kulkarni arrested, sent to Tihar Jail today for cash for vote case. Sudheendra kulkarni is a former BJP advisor. It was well in advanced guessed by the Blogger Sanjay Jha on star news.
Why i'm writing this you will understand by reading the lines below.
It was 6th september 2011, An issue was being debated by the Deepak Chaurasia News reporter of Star News. Two guest were called on the show, they were Sanjhay Jha a blogger(CNN IBN) and Ravi shankar prasad, BJP spokesperson. The topic to be discussed was who is the master mind behind the cash for vote on aaccount of Amar Singh going to Tihar Jail with two other ministers of BJP.
Now Deepak Chaurasia asked Sanjay Jha to comment and he told that, he thinks behind all this case of 'CASH FOR VOTE' BJP is the mastermind. And its not just a small conspiracy but a very big conspiracy created by BJP to topple down the Government. As at that time BJP had sensed that Govt. will have 'No Confidence' or low confidence a…

Nobel Laureate Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore

Nobel laureate Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore

This year 2001 is the 150th birth anniversary of our first Nobel laureate Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. He was born on 7th may 1961. He though has given number of classic contribution to the Bangla and English literature but his best known novel Gitanjali is always remembered because of its highly sensitive, fresh and beautiful verses. In the year 1913, he was awarded the Nobel prize, then he was the first Non European Nobel laureate. His poetry was viewed as spiritual and mercurial and was highly garnered and appraised in the western countries. But many of his elegant prose and poetries remain unknown to the rest of world, outside Bengal. His Novels, stories, dance and dramas spoke of politics and society of that time. Some of his best known works known to the world are Gitanjali, Gora andGhare Baire. Rabindranath Tagore’s grandfather dwarakanath tagore was among the founders of Aadi Dharm. His son Debendranat Tagore and the father of Rabind…

Evergreen Superstar Dev Anand Sahab

Evergreen superstar Dharam Dev Anand

Dharam dev Anand popularly known as Dev Anand born on 26th September 1923, is an evergreen superstar of Bollywood. He was not alone in the industry of Bollywood but was supported by his brothers Chetan Annand, Vijay Anand, and his sister sheel kanta kapur. Sheel kanta kapur is also known as the mother of shekhar kappr, the famous bollywood and hollywwod director. Dev Anand is an actor, director and producer of many hit movies of bollywood.  Dev Anand was born in Narowal district of Pakistan and he graduated from Lahore. Dev Anand in his early career in the film industry fell in love with the superstar suraiya of that time. Suraiya and Dev Anand are supposed to fell in love while they were performing a song kinare kinare chale jayenge from the film Vidya. Dev Anand had saved her life when she was drowning. After the incident Dev Anand proposed her and she accepted it, but they could not marry because of his mother who opposed this marriage because …