Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Dream of Tech Mahindra

It's exactly the 7th month today, i was selected in a campus drive in our college on 21st jan 2011, waiting for the Offer Letter from Tech Mahindra. In order to get connected with other TechMighties joined the Group Tech Mahindra Freshers 2011 . Then got an idea, lets have our own facebook page having our own domain name,  title -"Tech Mahindra joining 2011"
The brain becoming idle and body becoming lethargic in waiting, this may be the reason i dreamed today something which is far from reality.
The dream of our group Tech Mahindra freshers 2011, created by Ankur Rai
What i saw was, that we all are waiting for our offer letter from Tech Mahindra for really a long period, suddenly an idea came into my mind that, lets do something instead of wasting our time on this group or page on Facebook, till we get our offer letter. So what's that something? The idea was that, we all have a common base of technology, we all are well aware of technologies and related gadgets. we have a good background of knowledge in at least understanding the terms of newest technology and latest gadgets. So utilizing that background why don't we all try to have our own technology website, just like techcruch or mashable. what we have to do is just post any good and latest invention or information of technologies or about a new gadget in the market. we have about 600 members for this in our group, so if even 5 posts are published daily we will have 150 posts at the end of the month and through this we can earn a lot of money. which we will share among us.

Let's come out of the dream to reality and evaluate some points:
  • How many will agree to this dream? May be no one.

  • We don't have 600 members in our group? though it doesn't matter much, at least we have 528 members at the time i'm writing this blog.

  • How we will buy a domain that cost around $18 to $50? if we collect an amount of Rs 5/- from each member we will have Rs 3000 in hand to buy the domain for a technology page. Or else we can rely on some web hosts like blogger or Wordpress for the domain, there we can get a free sub domain.

  • How to collect money if needed to buy the domain? 

  • How we will earn through posting? really a big question. though we have some options for this.

  • we can monetize our website through adsense, or though infolinks or amazon etc.

  • This monetizing through Google adsense will give us $0.31 to $0.71 for a click, and when the amount reaches to about $100, Google will release the amount to the payee or account holder through different means like, check or online transfer or through paypal.

  • last but not the least, how we can believe or have confidence that the account holder will distribute the amount exactly to everyone, or to those who are posting to the website? No  answer. we can lose our Rs 5/- in that case.

  •  If you can point out any more questions, i welcome you to fill up these blanks

  • ___ _ _   _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _  _ _  _ _  _ _  _ _ _ _  _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

  •  ___ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __  _ _ 

  • ___________________________________________________________ 

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