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Photo realistic artist dru blair

This is NOT a Photograph!

Believe it or not, this is NOT a photograph. It’s the work of the incredibly talented airbrush artist Dru Blair from South Carolina.

This particular painting has been surrounded by controversy and disbelief as it’s made its way around the internet. It’s so realistic and so finely detailed that many people had trouble believing it is, in fact, a painting.

But Dru Blair, the artist responsible, is a well-known photo-realistic artist. He began the piece for a class, but finished it later on his own. His amazing airbrush art has been featured in hundreds of advertisements, magazines and book covers. Aviation art is a favorite subject for the artist, and his first aviation painting, “Power,” is the highest selling aviation print in the world. If you’re interested in learning this style, Dru Blair runs the Blair School of Art in Blair, South Carolina. Bio…

For anyone who argues that photorealistic illustrations reproduced from actual photos (like this one, which took 7…

who is prashant bhushan ?

Prashant Bhushan (born 1956) is an Indian lawyer and social activist. He is the son of eminent lawyer Shanti Bhushan, who is a former Law Minister of India at Ministry of Law and Justice (1977–1979) in the Morarji Desai Ministry and also a senior advocate. He Lives in Noida, but now at Ram Lila maidan, as he is one of the top member of Anna's team, and he is responsible to all the legal functioning of protest for jan lokpal bill 2011. He along with Arvind kejriwal is responsible to all the activities happening in andolan for Jan Lokpal Bill 2011.
He is an activist who helps people through the judiciary system. In his career of 15 years he has worked on around 500 PILs (Public interest Litigation). He is a strong supporter of a Clean Judiciary.
He studied in IIT Madras, which he quit after a semester in Mechanical Engineering. He studied economics and then philosophy (of science) at Princeton.

The Dream of Tech Mahindra

It's exactly the 7th month today, i was selected in a campus drive in our college on 21st jan 2011, waiting for the Offer Letter from Tech Mahindra. In order to get connected with other TechMighties joined the Group Tech Mahindra Freshers 2011 . Then got an idea, lets have our own facebook page having our own domain name,  title -"Tech Mahindra joining 2011"
The brain becoming idle and body becoming lethargic in waiting, this may be the reason i dreamed today something which is far from reality.
The dream of our group Tech Mahindra freshers 2011, created by Ankur Rai
What i saw was, that we all are waiting for our offer letter from Tech Mahindra for really a long period, suddenly an idea came into my mind that, lets do something instead of wasting our time on this group or page on Facebook, till we get our offer letter. So what's that something? The idea was that, we all have a common base of technology, we all are well aware of …

Government now has sought public opinion on Lokpal Bill

A Parliamentary committee has sought public opinion and suggestions on the Lokpal Bill, giving people 15 days to send their feedback about the Government's proposed lokpal bill 2011.

Anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare has set August 30 as the deadline for Parliament to pass the bill, on this government has given this advertisements on the dailies, so that people get to know about the lokpal bill and decide themselves and then send their feedback before 4th september 2011.

Soon after the bill was introduced in Lok Sabha on August 4, the Rajya Sabha Chairman has referred it to the Committee and given it three months to give recommendations.

The Standing Committee on Law and Justice and Personnel is serviced by the Rajya Sabha secretariat and headed by a Rajya Sabha member-in this case Abhishek Manu Singhvi, and he has decided to get the response of people on the this lokpal bill.

Soon after the bill was referred to it, the Committee had invited team Hazare to place its views before th…

Complete set of differences between Government's Lokpal bill and JanLokpal bill

Complete set of differences between Jan Lokpal and Government's Lokpal bill These differences between the two versions of the Lokpal Bill were claimed byIndia Against Corruptionin a document released online on June 23, 2011. In the absence of comments from critics ofJan Lokpal Bill, this section may therefore represent only one side of the debate.
Issue The Jan Lokpal Bill Government's Lokpal Bill Comments by critics (India Against Corruption) of Lokpal Comments by critics of Jan Lokpal
Prime Minister Lokpal should have power to investigate allegations of corruption against PM. Special safeguards provided against frivolous and mischievous complaints PM kept out of Lokpal’s purview As of today, corruption by PM can be investigated under Prevention of Corruption Act. Government wants investigations to be done by CBI, which comes directly under him, rather than i