Wednesday, July 13, 2011

price rise VS politics !!!

Price rise! Wat an issue? Rise of 3 rupees A litre in diesel and Rs 50/- in LPG gave the opposition to celebrate this with dramabazis in their own style,
jaya roasting roti on sadak and BJP dumping cylinders. And many dramas. Whats most shocking with the politicians of india, is that these few politicians are so capable of convincing the multi crore citizens, that they convince the people the way they want. people believing their bhashanbazis,forget the real problem they are facing. If u cover the topology of india, u will find that its really very very few people, who are really troubled with this price rise.
The rise of price which is eating up their mind is in education sector. Education the most basic thing in todays world is kept separated from the majority of population. I am talking about higher education, fees of private and even some govt. Institutions are not so reasönabe that a middle class family can afford.
Prices and regularity of electricity is never given a heed by the govt. Is their any project launched all over the country to filter the waste water for making them drinkable? A big NO. Here none of the ruling or opposition party really throw a glance. 
Just ask the govt. Wat is development? Answer see the big flyovers, the large sports field, freeways, highways network. I want to know which is more important for a country Fresh water, electricity, education or playground and highway networks? Most commendable job this upa govt. Till date has done is rojgar yojna. Its really benefitting many. Second is its entry into the globalisation with very careful steps. But this 2nd term of upa has many expectations, controlling the prices in education sector, food and fresh water supply and electricity supply. We have no right to bar our upcoming future from having higher education. Though the colleges are easily sanctioned and affiliated but their fees have no limits, govt should think on this regard to check hike in fees every year particularly in private institutions. Its really the biggest problem majority of the population facing. Another untalked issue of price hike is hospitalisation and medication. Thousands of lives every year in india only is losened because of improper hospitalisation or hiked price of treatments. Govt. Hospitals are not upto mark and privates have prices
touching the limits of sky. If the country is a democratic and the govt has every right to intervene in any sector than govt. Needs to intervene in these two sectors, higher education institutions and hospitalisation if they really care for the price rise and its impact on society. The most painful scene i remember is the death of a young boy in a private hospital, their parents devoted completely their whole life saving to save his only son, but could not able to arrange for another higher treatment cost. Here there was no one to raise their voice against the hike of treatment. There was nö dramabazis conducted by any party to check price rise. If voices would have been raised, may be a life could have been saved.

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