Thursday, July 14, 2011

oh it's sunday darling!!

The birds left the branches pushing back, 
Splashed rays, spread the redness all over sky, 
Hovering the earth, flying with wings, waiting brie
A window opened, curtain unveiled, lowered the sun over face.
Come on, you darling wake up its day on.
Fingers creeping upon the sheet, lowering the darkest gaze,
Oh babe! It’s Sunday!! Let’s have a full day sleep.
Oh cum’on!! It’s daily routine darling.
Hmm, coming babe, come and take me up this cum!!
Senses on, her sensation gave a reviving touch,
Pulled hands,she fell and covered me up.
Fight turns silly whisper, slowly fade the weakest murmurs.
Again, the creeping started, back to dreams, back to life,
Hmm this time it’s again with my wife.

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