Thursday, July 14, 2011

mamata VS manmohan

Mamata the wonder woman. Unbelievably the highest patronage grabber. What a love, affection, sympathy she is getting, and most important their expectations. People of bengal now love mamata like their own mother. Her each and every step is counted and tracked, not only by her opponents but her state's civilians. They have full confidence that something good is going to happen. Comparing her with the hon'ble prime minister of india, i can say now the expectations with mamata is much higher than the expectation people having with Dr manmohan singh. Considering the images they have on the voter, mamata's image is getting clearer and purer while manmohan's its fading out. It’s really a good luck for congress, that trinamool is her alliance. Mamatas dream of making kolkata, london seems believable unlike manmohan's dream of making mumbai shanghai. Let’s hope mamata don't get trapped withing unscruplous and corrupt ministers, making mamata handicapped. Wish you a good luck mamata. I wish i might not require a passport to see london in future.   

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