Sunday, July 17, 2011

insensible television media, news channels

if you ask, which is the strongest organization in india? with no doubt any one can say it's our media , be it print media or the TV media. these TV media specially, for increasing their TRP's are showing so insensible and baseless things that, anyone go irritate seeing them. "saas bahu and tv/saajish" crap!! 
and NEWS what they really mean, that they are presenting a NEWS, specially there special one's prime time reports. "SHAHRUKH NE KIYA SHARMSAR" what the hell? as if these tv reporters had stopped having their lunch and dinner after the mumbai blast. yeah we know, this blast really mean a lot to the nation. and we are really feel bad about it. but life never ends it goes on. even if you go to opera house very few are there really worried and had stopped everything. they now has retraced back to normal, but when these media will back to normal is still in doubt.
is it all due to the freedom they are having that they can present anything which they like, viewers will attend may be the subject is out of moral and insensible. they just do these for their love TRPs. no matter how do they get it.
it's really the best thing to have a media, but it equally become irresistible when you see a biased media. i really congratulate cnn ibn, times now, ndtv and aajtak for really sharing and feeding us the true and biased free reports. if you are a media person, you have no right to be a decision maker. it's the viewer decisions what they think of the news piece and how do they react to it. you can't influence them saying what is right and what is wrong. we viewers too have some brain in our skull. let it be on us, how to react? you are required to be a presenter and not a rajneta. don't politicize your profession.
there are some more channels which i see biased free is sahara samay. 
it's better not to talk about star news and zee news. one can at least resist india tv. but these two irresistible. one thing for deepak chaurasia, "sir you are my favorite i like your style and questions but dislike your current channel for which you are working". you were too good on doordarshan. prime time with deepak chaurasia. best news pieces. 

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