Friday, July 15, 2011

google plus the latest craze on internet

google +

google plus apps

google plus logo
it is estimated that about 1 billion files are shared through google +, in one day. another most shocking information is that, its just the 15 days gone of the launch of google +.
another interesting piece of information you would love to know is that, it has about 10 million users in just 10 days or so.
google +, has many interesting and unique features, which you may like.
                    and many more apps you will love to have on your social network.
you can have your own vanity URL for google + profile. just go to "'' and create one for yourself.
unlimited photo sharing, video sharing and photo and video viewing all new experiences put together on google plus.
the feature which you may not like is that it's still in it's infancy stage and is allowing only those members which have invitation for joining.
if you like i can invite you on google+, just enlist your mail id to the comment below.  

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