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what an Engineer mean?

i remember the day, it was the 1st semester of our first year, a guy of my batch 2007, came to me saying " ataul dekh na ete raati re ke call karuchhi, au mote i love you kahuchhi, mu bhari tensed hei jaiichi"( see at this midnight hour some one is calling me and saying i love you, i don't know what to do, i'm very much tensed.) and he started crying heavily. i took his cell phone and waited for the call again. the call came and i inquired the caller thoroughly, the caller was his friend talking in a female voice to frighten him, and he succeeded in it. the reason was, that this guy had never talked to a girl at least on a phone and this was a call in female tone, saying i love you, this made him frightened and harassed.
now this boy is an engineer and he can talk to girls, can even scold them very rudely on seeing any mischievous activity on him.
a girl of my batch who on the first day asked me about the direction, the sun sets. this girl had a belief that she will never allow herself to be free with boys. she use to avoid the guys coming around her, don't like to talk with strangers, can't let herself go with a boy outside the gate of college in any circumstance, very shy and rigid type of girl who had thought not to upload any of her pictures on the net. she was thinking that her picture if seen on internet will ruin her private life and her parents will never allow her to do so.
now she after getting the tag of an engineer just reverse the scenarios. she has hundreds and hundreds of photos of her on different social sites. she has friends and now she don't hesitate to go out with her friends, be a boy or a girl. she is not at least that shy that she can't talk to a stranger. she feels free to talk with guys.
many promises broken just before or till the completion of our 4-year degree course of many girls who used to take oaths and all, that they will never mingle at least within this four years are engaged before the completion of their 4 year
the basic change we all got from is the smartness, almost everyone till the fourth year of is smart enough to talk with anyone and strong enough to tackle any upcoming obstacle.
the guys who used to get afraid of listening the exam dates, now welcome the exams and can give their exams on any date.
most of our batch mates had never experienced the taste of  back in their life before, but after they don't feel shame on discussing their back issues.
we are taught  to build the machines, which should be robust, rigid and efficient but in this process when we ourselves get inflicted to these qualities, we too don't know. we are robust and rigid to any obstacle or situation. we are highly efficient in our work now.
one may not believe these but, its a fact, what i have noticed is we are far much more efficient than we used to be before
thanks to the tag Engineer which transformed all of us, to survive in this transforming world.
i had heard this some where that only change is constant, now i feel this. everything has changed before and after our engineering.
*** All the above stories are common stories, not pin pointed to anyone. every one in this last 4 years of have changed.

engineers rock!!!!
Er. Ataul Haque.


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