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how to track, when friends unfriend you on facebook or twitter

sometimes it happen that some of your friend due to some reason unfriend you or block you on facebook. but its equally difficult to track who was that, who left you or joined you on facebook. so to track who is leaving you and who is joining you on facebook, there is an app on facebook which can help you to keep track of all these stats. here is a link to that twenty feet which keeps all your record.
just click on the link and register yourself for the use of app. you can register it through your facebook account, twitter account or through direct registration page.

'THE' last day of my college

i felt the aroma of being in togetherness, it was splendid, mind blowing experience, everyone there was drenched into the aura of oneness. wow what a relation, a chord, a thread binding the whole genre into one knot. so now i realized my stupidity, how wrong i was, how mean i was, how unknown and bizarre i was from all these joyous. i had lots and lots of mis-understandings, so bad of me. but now at this time of 'THE END' of my college life, i'm feeling i could have enjoyed more and would have grabbed more fun.
with the end of this my college life, one thing i learned is, one can get anything, almost anything from earth by paying, but friendship and love is impossible. its the only selfless thing in this world, which we never gonna get again.whenever we need a friend to be with us, we gonna miss our college days.
college days, oh those bunking days
college days oh those commenting days,
college days oh those internals days,
college days oh those friends days.
at last we are bidd…