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india winning the world cup

a long twenty eight years of hope came to an end by winning the world of our religion of india. this is the day when 1.21 billion hearts were beating simultaneously. we actually realized the real aroma of unity in diversity. the whole nation was actually one. every single person in the country was wishing for the country to win this "religion cup of india". the day our whole team india stand against all the odds, fight for every obstacle with the same vigour and hard work. every single citizen of the coutry contributed for the win of world cup. it was 2nd April 2011. that we, we indians in true sense realized ourselves defined ourselves, that who we are and why we are. here is an article from parul sharma, which i saw really inspirational, so i'm putting that article here. have a look:
"We have been listening from our parents, elders and friends that “hard work is the key to success”. In other form we also listen that “There is not shortcut to success”.
Here I am willing to compare our lives with Cricket. The hottest topic going on and being discussed everywhere. When we start studying, we learn the meaning of promotion. We clear the exams to jump to another class and all of us do it consistently till our graduation or post graduations. We are very much aware that these classes from nursery to 12th and getting degree by moving from first year to final year require consistent efforts. We consistently have to go through all the phases to reach to final phase of our career.
Now let’s move to the Cricket, Hard competition, willingness to win every match, carrying lots of expectations of the entire country, and playing every game with the same enthusiasm requires consistent efforts with self confidence.
Every victory takes you to another tough competition. And the competition gets tougher when you win again and again. We are always chased with some more competition, more expectations the moment we achieve any success. We get nervous, we feel stressed, and we see the faces of people looking at us, praising us even when we have tough time. We get more nervous at this time, thinking of all ifs and buts.
At this point of time we need to overcome with all the ifs and buts with our self confidence, confidence in what we are doing, confidence on other’s belief on us, confidence of our achievement which made us reach at this level.
There are millions of people who are disappointed as they worked hard a lot but do not get expected results.
I make you sure, just add the flavour of self confidence in your hard work and you will see a change, you will see a miracle happening, you will see the turning point which Gautam Gambhir and Kohli have brought after loosing the pillars like Sehwag and Tendulkar. This was the small failure which was followed by the biggest success by chasing the History, chasing the failures, getting the world cup in our hands. The point when everyone realise that yes!! What we were listening that “noting is impossible” is right.
We won in cricket and we are feeling a difference. So I conclude with two things: Never be afraid of small failures and of course be confident of your hard work and efforts. I have much more to say in this topic but it’s endless, better I should chase you all with lots of expectations from you, lots of pressure, trying to enlighten a spark of confidence mixed with your hard work and I am sure every where there will be a cup of success in your hands. :-)
Congratulations for the victory and wishing you all the best for all your matches :-)"


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