Monday, April 11, 2011

dear honorable prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh

I remember a day when one of my teacher in graduation college had asked me, whether politics should be chosen as a career?
i replied that, of course sir if is available and an eligibility criteria is set to enter into it. though sir needed my explanation on it and i briefed my actual explanation to him, as it was a class.
here is the explanation i wanted to give him, but now i'm giving it to you sir Dr. Manmohan singh ji.
In selecting a college presidents the student who is bit smart and powerful in the sense of money and muscle power, are thought to be the winner of election and after the election we get a prove of it.
just thinking of elections in ward councils and for MLAs, we can see the rowdiness and muscle power utilizations. the candidate with highest number of currency notes and muscle men win the election and the good one who is having less muscle power and less money but a goodwill to do for the notified area is certainly to lose in the mandate.
taking this election to the MP level and CM levels one can think, how much money and power would be needed to get the post. and for the post of "PRIME MINISTER", one can well imagine the scenario.
from the above points though it seems to be the fault is of voters who actually vote to elect such candidates, but there are many hidden constraints which too should be taken note of to judge there situations. these constraints everyone knows.
the point is it's really really difficult for a common man to enter into politics, but what to those who inherit or by god's grace would have got the seat and are at the highest post.
what made them not to work for the country and to allow the corruption to flourish under their umbrella.
now i don't understand there compulsions, who are above them, who are pressurizing them to act like puppets. Is PM too fear of goons for their lives, do goons too can harm them with all such high security if they don't allow corruption to dwell.
If its so then, PM can never be treated to be the most powerful and highest citizen of a nation.
If PM has every power in his/her hands then nothing wrong can happen. just like the school head master (or a MAJOR GENERAL in army) if there is a good principal in the school, students really learn discipline and do well every where.
if PM is the most powerful and a good man by heart then he is sure to do good for the country and for its countrymen. he/she should never afraid of losing one of his men, staking many lives. he should be well aware of the countries situations and need. he should always be ready to feel the heat. how a prime minister cannot know what is happening under his arms.?
and even after all happened if the he come to know, what again stop him to take strong and bold decisions.
i still hope a good future for the country and the  government.
jai hind!!

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