Friday, April 8, 2011

Anna Hazare the living Mahatma Gandhi

lokpal ke liye anna hazare
Anna Hazare the present day revolutionist, ex-army van driver, social activist and a great philanthropist by heart. a man with a true heart. he is now committed to rope down the corruption in india. he is now leading a hunger strike against the government for making a lokpal who will have the authority to know everything about every transactions taken by  the government of india.
more than 2 lakh people are taking part in this and is growing with the rate of more than 25000 a day. we wish a great success to this movement.
go ahead Anna Hazare... we are with you.
here is the link....
many many congratulations to the living mahatma anna hazare on his successful movement against the corruptions in india. his lokpal bill is now very soon going to be a reality. government of india has approved his proposed bill and has convinced him for the same. its 9th april 2011 that anna hazare has broken his fast unto death commitment. it took almost 4 days for him to be in fast to make his movement successful with lakhs of supporters. about 341 more people from different sectors too came to do fast with him and supported him in every step. jai hind!!

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