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Susant Pattnaik one of the brightest talent from odisha.

Susant Pattnaik is an Young Indian Inventor/ Social Entrepreneur/ Tech Entrepreneur whose inventions have been recognized at national and international level. Being a highly motivated inventor his areas of interest include scientific innovations and research. Also one of his inventions Susant's Breathing Sensor Apparatus has been appreciated by former President of India H.E. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam via NIF at IIM Ahmadabad in 2009 for the best innovation among 1000 other innovators. He has also been appreciated by many dignitaries including President of India H.H. Smt Pratibha Devisingh Patil, Dr R A Mashelkar (Former DG of CSIR), Hon'ble Pritiviraj Chavan (CM of Maharashtra), Smt Sheila Dixit (C.M. of New Delhi), Dr Sam Pitroda, Mr James Cameron and many others. He has won several National awards and one International award too. MIT Technology Review published Susant's technology at such a young age of 17 years and he has been invited to present his invention at INK Conferen…

search similar images on google

suppose you have an image and you want to get the information related to that image, then upload it on your website search it on the google images and then click on the similar. just keep the pointer over the image and you will see a similar link typed below the image. click on that link and you will get the similar images.
or suppose you find an image on google's image page go on to the image and click similar there you will get many similar images of that particular image.
here i'm giving you the result of such similar image test on google. this is of shahrukh khan.

dear honorable prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh

I remember a day when one of my teacher in graduation college had asked me, whether politics should be chosen as a career?
i replied that, of course sir if is available and an eligibility criteria is set to enter into it. though sir needed my explanation on it and i briefed my actual explanation to him, as it was a class.
here is the explanation i wanted to give him, but now i'm giving it to you sir Dr. Manmohan singh ji.
In selecting a college presidents the student who is bit smart and powerful in the sense of money and muscle power, are thought to be the winner of election and after the election we get a prove of it.
just thinking of elections in ward councils and for MLAs, we can see the rowdiness and muscle power utilizations. the candidate with highest number of currency notes and muscle men win the election and the good one who is having less muscle power and less money but a goodwill to do for the notified area is certainly to lose in the mandate.
taking this election to the MP…

set up your own apps on facebook

setting an app on facebook is too easy, just follow the instructions and fill the form and you are done.
prerequisites for the apps on facebook are a website of your own, any canvas application page on your website, knowledge of php, java, python or c# etc. though these all knowledge will be required when you are developing your own canvas page application for your websites. so if you own a website and hosts an application there, integrate it with facebook and your traffic may increase tremendously. all the necessary info is provided in the developers page of facebook. if you need to create an application page then click on the link facebook apps for your website. 
for more tips and tricks on internet wait for next post.

facebook pages a kind of your website

facebook pages are providing a great platform to the people and advertisers. here anyone can show or advertise about their websites or about anything they want. they can have their own page which displays information about them or about their organisation or any cause they may be supporting.
it's very easy to create a page just go on to the link and click on the top right most tab of create page, you will be taken to an option page, here you just need to select the type of page you want to create and the rest steps too are very easy and lucid. so have a page on facebook and share it with your friends..
go ahead.... and create one.
from next posts i will be posting many tips and tricks on facebook and internet, you would love to know.

Anna Hazare the living Mahatma Gandhi

Anna Hazare the present day revolutionist, ex-army van driver, social activist and a great philanthropist by heart. a man with a true heart. he is now committed to rope down the corruption in india. he is now leading a hunger strike against the government for making a lokpal who will have the authority to know everything about every transactions taken by  the government of india.
more than 2 lakh people are taking part in this and is growing with the rate of more than 25000 a day. we wish a great success to this movement.
go ahead Anna Hazare... we are with you.
here is the link....
many many congratulations to the living mahatma anna hazare on his successful movement against the corruptions in india. his lokpal bill is now very soon going to be a reality. government of india has approved his proposed bill and has convinced him for the same. its 9th april 2011 that anna hazare has broken his fast unto death commitment. it took almost 4 days for him to be in fast …

india winning the world cup

a long twenty eight years of hope came to an end by winning the world of our religion of india. this is the day when 1.21 billion hearts were beating simultaneously. we actually realized the real aroma of unity in diversity. the whole nation was actually one. every single person in the country was wishing for the country to win this "religion cup of india". the day our whole team india stand against all the odds, fight for every obstacle with the same vigour and hard work. every single citizen of the coutry contributed for the win of world cup. it was 2nd April 2011. that we, we indians in true sense realized ourselves defined ourselves, that who we are and why we are. here is an article from parul sharma, which i saw really inspirational, so i'm putting that article here. have a look:
"We have been listening from our parents, elders and friends that “hard work is the key to success”. In other form we also listen that “There is not shortcut to success”.
Here I am will…