Tuesday, March 1, 2011

orkut should have a sharing button on every site

orkut users must be facing a problem of sharing the goodies like any good video, article or any jokes or any stuff on net to share. there was a sharing button available few times back approx 6 months back. but now we don't find any sharing options available on different sites.
orkut should think over this issue. this facility will automatically help the orkut to gain the momentum.
orkut users can't forget the taste of orkut.
its still one of my favorite social network. i deleted my facebook account only to give some more time to orkut.
it was orkut through which i got many many old friends. so i can't forget orkut.
i'm coming back orkut!
orkut need to improve, some improvements like:
1.sharing options.
2.scrapbook option was better earlier. one should have a private scrapbook.
3.community pages should be flexible and it should be made such that, everyone can contribute and discuss.
4.famous people and celebrities pages should be made such that, every one should love to follow and get updates from there.
5.desktop videos uploading should be allowed.
6.syncing orkut with google buzz can also help orkut to recapitalize its market.
orkut through sms in countries like india, can take it to a new height.

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