Tuesday, March 1, 2011

my first meeting with woley

it was 14th feb, 2k11. i with jayram and chandan waiting for the train, which was schedule to arrive at 2:45am. jayram and chandan went to sleep on the railway platform itself. i tried but could not sleep and disturbed by girlfriend to talk with me whole night and she did. it took some fractions of minute to pass those long 4 hours with her. thus train arrived at platform number four, i hurried to board and at last we were at puri beach.
there we searched for lovely faces(Ankhon Ki Thandak,girls). and it was obvious we got many such. enjoyed a lot and then we land up to konark, where i found a foreigner taking the snaps of pieces of ancient carved. he called me and asked me to take a snap of his with the temple and i did that. i then asked about him, and he responded every question. he then wanted to take our snaps and we share every moment with him and enjoyed.
he was koooooooooool and good banda. i think foreigners/tourists are good they are coming in our country to know our style and habitat. so we should accompany them and should treat them as our guest. so here he is:


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