Sunday, March 6, 2011

motivating quiz, get started

  1. who is the father of nation?(india).
  2. who is known as the frontier gandhi?
  3. who was the father of king jalal-ud-din akbar?
  4. who built taj mahal?
  5. who was the architect of taj mahal?
  6. what was the old name of present patna?
  7. what is the other name of gautam buddha?
  8. expand USA?
  9. what is D.C, in washington D.C?
  10. when india got its independence?
  11. who is the author of Ain-e-Akbari?
  12. who was the 13th prime minister of india?
  13. who along with nathuram godse hanged for assassinating mahatma gandhi?
  14. konark temple is located in which state?
  15. which is the most populated state in india?

  1. mahatma gandhi(mohan das karamchand gandhi).
  2. khan abdul gaffar khan.
  3. humayun
  4. shah jahan
  5. ustad Isa khan
  6. pataliputra.
  7. siddhartha
  8. united states of america.
  9. district of columbia.
  10. 1947
  11. abul fazl(Shaikh Abu al-Fazl ibn Mubarak).
  12. Dr. Manmohan singh.
  13. narayan apte.
  14. odisha.
  15. uttar pradesh

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