Thursday, March 31, 2011

india after long 28 years going to cherish her dream to win the world cup.

its 30th of march 2011, an unofficial holiday to majority of the employees in india. the greatest of the greatest cricket was going to take place at the stadium of mohali. this match of semifinals between india and pakistan brought the two prime ministers of the respective countries on the ground. the hon'ble prime minister of india Dr Manmohan singh and hon'ble prime minister of pakistan yousaf raza geelani came to greet the players.
what actually happened on this historic day will surely be remembered in the coming future and for many many years coming ahead. the whole stadium was filled with dignitaries. stars like aamir khan, preity zinta and sunil shetty was their to embark this historic day.
india won the toss and elected to bat first, sehwag and sachin as the opening batsman started the game with a bang and gave pakistan a target of just 260 runs in 9 wickets.
to which pakistan tried their best but summed up in 231 runs all out.
india won the semi final and in a way won the real final world cup.

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