Tuesday, March 8, 2011

bollywood quiz

  1. name the words with which "BOLLYWOOD" is formed?
  2. name the first silent feature film in india?
  3. which was the first talking film in india and who produced it?
  4. which was the first colour film in india?
  5. who has won the  highest number of filmfare awards?
  6. which was the debut movie of amitabh bacchan?
  7. which was the first hindi film to receive the best film filmfare award?
  8. who was the first actor to won the best actor award in filmfare?
  9. which movie is acclaimed of receiving the highest number of awards in filmfare?
  10. who was the lead actress in the movie ''RANG DE BASANTI''?

  1. Bombay and Hollywood.
  2. Raja Harish Chandra 1913.
  3. ardeshir irani's aalam aara 1931.
  4. kisan kanya 1937
  5. shahrukh khan
  6. Mrinal sen's Bhuvan shome. 1969.
  7. do bigha zameen 1953
  8. dilip kumar for 'DAAG'.
  9. BLACK 2005, 11 Awards.
  10. english actress Alice Patten.

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  1. I was looking out for Bollywood quiz and this was most amazing I found. Very intersting questions were asked related to bollywood which includes some olden days questions and learned a lot from this quiz.


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