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india after long 28 years going to cherish her dream to win the world cup.

its 30th of march 2011, an unofficial holiday to majority of the employees in india. the greatest of the greatest cricket was going to take place at the stadium of mohali. this match of semifinals between india and pakistan brought the two prime ministers of the respective countries on the ground. the hon'ble prime minister of india Dr Manmohan singh and hon'ble prime minister of pakistan yousaf raza geelani came to greet the players.
what actually happened on this historic day will surely be remembered in the coming future and for many many years coming ahead. the whole stadium was filled with dignitaries. stars like aamir khan, preity zinta and sunil shetty was their to embark this historic day.
india won the toss and elected to bat first, sehwag and sachin as the opening batsman started the game with a bang and gave pakistan a target of just 260 runs in 9 wickets.
to which pakistan tried their best but summed up in 231 runs all out.
india won the semi final and in a way won the…

Question tab in facebook

one of the favorite features, which facebook recently launched is the question tab. the user can ask questions from his/her friend or friend's friend. the user itself can decide on which mode he/she wants the reply to come, be it poll, text or a complete paragraphed answer.
this new question tab is easily available on facebook profile page of users. one tab is on the top bar, where other tabs like, status, photos and videos tabs are there. and other tab one can find at the left side of the profile page where your applications and groups category is there.
i think this feature of facebook will give facebook another edge for its attracting other internet users.
you can get this application installed manually through this link.
if you want to follow me on facebook, here is the link:

the incredible state of india! Rajasthan

<p>incredible rajasthan!</frame></body></p>
the land of colours, the land of rajasthanis, is the largest state of the subcontinent india.
desert "thar" is one of the largest in the continent. the total area covered by rajasthan is about 10.41% of the total area covered by the republic of india.
capital of rajasthan is jaipur. it also encompasse the oldest mountain range of the world, "the Aravalli Ranges", which cradles the only hill station of rajasthan.
it also has two tiger reserve forest ranthambore and sariska forest. it also has famous bird sanctuary near bharatpur known as keoladeo national park.
many great palaces are still thriving in the pink city jaipur and city of palaces udaipur.

cheapest food in india!

the only place in india where food is cheap...
tea 1.00
soup 5.50
daal 1.50
meals 2.00
chapathi 1.00
chicken 24.50
dosa 4.00
veg biryani 8.00
these items are meant for "POOR PEOPLE OF INDIA".
and is available at indian parliament canteen..
the salary of those poor people is 80,000 per month.!!!!
save india, free india from corruption. jai hind!!

Honk For Japan!

The Perfect Guy: What Girls Want

sports quiz

who is the present world champion in chess, 2010/11?how many times india have won the gold medal in hockey olympic?in which sport did rajya vardhan singh rathore win a silver medal in olympic,2004?who is the first indian to take three wickets consecutively?who is the first batsman to score a double century?how do you know geet sethi?who was the first indian to win 'all england championship' in badminton?who is the first cricketer to score 1000 runs?who is the current world and olympic champion in 10m air rifle, 2011?when did sania mirza started her international career in tennis? answers:

vishvanathan anandeight, 8.shootingchetan sharma.sachin tendulkarbilliard player from india.prakash padukonearthur strewsburyabhinav bindra.2003.

biological quiz

which is the largest bone of human body?which is the largest flower in the world?which is the largest organ in a human body?who invented microscope?which kind of mosquitoes are responsible for malaria, male/female?by what other name filaria is also known?expand A.I.D.S?Expand LASER?Which is the smallest bone in human body?which is the fastest growing plant?answers:

femur or thigh bone.The largest flower in the world, the rafflesia arnoldi, weighs 7 kg (15 pounds) and grows only on the Sumatra and Borneo first compound microscope was made in 1590 in The Netherlands. Hans Lippershey, Sacharias Jansen, and Hans Jenssen, all eyeglass makers, have each been given credit for the invention.female anopheles mosquito.elephantiasis.acquired immuno deficiency syndrome.light amplification stimulated emission ray.stirrup in ear.bamboo.

bollywood quiz

name the words with which "BOLLYWOOD" is formed?name the first silent feature film in india?which was the first talking film in india and who produced it?which was the first colour film in india?who has won the  highest number of filmfare awards?which was the debut movie of amitabh bacchan?which was the first hindi film to receive the best film filmfare award?who was the first actor to won the best actor award in filmfare?which movie is acclaimed of receiving the highest number of awards in filmfare?who was the lead actress in the movie ''RANG DE BASANTI''?Answers"

Bombay and Hollywood.Raja Harish Chandra 1913.ardeshir irani's aalam aara 1931.kisan kanya 1937shahrukh khanMrinal sen's Bhuvan shome. bigha zameen 1953dilip kumar for 'DAAG'.BLACK 2005, 11 Awards.english actress Alice Patten.

first in india quizzes

who was the first man of india to land on moon?who was the first indian to conquer mount everest?who was the first indian woman to reach mount everest?who was the first president of india?who was the first air chief marshal?who was the first indian to get nobel prize?who is the first woman to fly MIG 35 and F16.who was the first woman chief minister of any state in india?who was the first to get dada saheb falke award?who was the first governor of independent india?answers:

squardon leader rakesh sharma.tenzing norgay.bachhendri pal.Dr. Rajendra Prasad.Arjan Singh.rabindra nath tagore.suman sharma.sucheta kirplani.devika rani in 1969.lord mountbatten in 1947.

community forum in orkut

forum posts in communities of orkut, not at all look user friendly. while the person who is going to reply for the forum post, the page got changed and you have to make another subject and then write another post below it. there is no particular reply option available in forum posts of orkut. this problem i hope will soon be solved by orkut.

indian history quiz questions

where did vasco da gama first land up in india?when did the first battle of panipat fought?who was the first mughal emperor to come india?who started and finished the qutub minar?which is the oldest civilization in india?what do you mean by sepoy mutiny?when did indian national congress formed?in which year jawahar lal nehru born?when did jallian wala bagh massacre occure?when bhagat singh had born?answers:

kappad near calicut.first battle was fought in 1526 and 2nd in the year 1556.zaheeruddin muhammed babur in the year 1526.qurub uddin aibak started and iltutmish finished the building of qutub minar in nearly 20 years.indus valley civilization which on matured stage was known  as harappan civilization.The Indian Rebellion of 1857 began as a mutiny of sepoys of the British East India Company's army on 10 May, 185728 december 1885.on 14th november 1889.13rh april 1919. also known as amritsar massacre.28th september 1907.

motivating quiz, get started

who is the father of nation?(india).who is known as the frontier gandhi?who was the father of king jalal-ud-din akbar?who built taj mahal?who was the architect of taj mahal?what was the old name of present patna?what is the other name of gautam buddha?expand USA?what is D.C, in washington D.C?when india got its independence?who is the author of Ain-e-Akbari?who was the 13th prime minister of india?who along with nathuram godse hanged for assassinating mahatma gandhi?konark temple is located in which state?which is the most populated state in india?answers:

mahatma gandhi(mohan das karamchand gandhi).khan abdul gaffar khan.humayunshah jahanustad Isa khanpataliputra.siddharthaunited states of america.district of columbia.1947abul fazl(Shaikh Abu al-Fazl ibn Mubarak).Dr. Manmohan singh.narayan apte.odisha.uttar pradesh

Amit Sood head of Google Art Project

Amit Sood an Indian working at +Google is a group marketing manager.
He is also the Google's art gallery head. He is a passionate artist and his passion in this field led him to go for a project at Google, the project was Art Gallery which was launched by him on 1st February 2011.
At the time the +Google Art Project was launched, about 17 Art Galleries were covered through Google street view in which high resolution cameras were used.
Some of the Galleries that were covered are +Tate Galleries, London; +The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City; and the +Uffizi Gallery , Florence.
The cameras are said to have 12 Giga-pixel clarity. One can zoom an image taken by these camera's a million times better than the mobile phones camera's images.
Amit Sood has also worked with the marketing team of Android and led his effort in the GEO products.

sync orkut with google buzz

this syncing of orkut with google buzz is very similar to syncing facebook with twitter. and when the users find the same platform and flexible ground for buzzing, why don't they prefer it?
another very important point is the regulation of communities, naming of communities and contents in the communities should be controlled and its not so easily accessible. community user must verify itself for the ownership.
orkut is facing so many legal issues only because of illegitimate and fake communities and their contents. orkut need to work on it!
Google you need to upgrade your orkut. it's high time people no more interested in facebook and they need some another edge to stall.

orkut through sms

i think orkut should give a facility of sms updation. if the user be able to update their status through smse's  then, it will add another edge to it. in the coutry like india where almost every citizen have mobile access but not with a desktop can also be able to remain in touch with their friends through mobile updation.
now its time for orkut to rbound and grab their users back, who had diverted their way to other toxic social networks. i have many other solutions too for orkut, like gaming zone and apps couter with monetizing the profile etc. if orkut gives their user, monetizing facility, i'm sure orkut gonna beat many other social networks like facebook and twitter or myspace.

orkut should have a sharing button on every site

orkut users must be facing a problem of sharing the goodies like any good video, article or any jokes or any stuff on net to share. there was a sharing button available few times back approx 6 months back. but now we don't find any sharing options available on different sites.
orkut should think over this issue. this facility will automatically help the orkut to gain the momentum.
orkut users can't forget the taste of orkut.
its still one of my favorite social network. i deleted my facebook account only to give some more time to orkut.
it was orkut through which i got many many old friends. so i can't forget orkut.
i'm coming back orkut!
orkut need to improve, some improvements like:
1.sharing options.
2.scrapbook option was better earlier. one should have a private scrapbook. pages should be flexible and it should be made such that, everyone can contribute and discuss.
4.famous people and celebrities pages should be made such that, every one should love to follow an…

my first meeting with woley

it was 14th feb, 2k11. i with jayram and chandan waiting for the train, which was schedule to arrive at 2:45am. jayram and chandan went to sleep on the railway platform itself. i tried but could not sleep and disturbed by girlfriend to talk with me whole night and she did. it took some fractions of minute to pass those long 4 hours with her. thus train arrived at platform number four, i hurried to board and at last we were at puri beach.
there we searched for lovely faces(Ankhon Ki Thandak,girls). and it was obvious we got many such. enjoyed a lot and then we land up to konark, where i found a foreigner taking the snaps of pieces of ancient carved. he called me and asked me to take a snap of his with the temple and i did that. i then asked about him, and he responded every question. he then wanted to take our snaps and we share every moment with him and enjoyed.
he was koooooooooool and good banda. i think foreigners/tourists are good they are coming in our country to know our style and…