Friday, February 4, 2011

where do i stand?

its six month from now, i incidentally land up to a site named where i found some of the most famous or we can call the real heroes of earth giving their thoughts in simple words and projections.
i thought to search for indians and i got amazed to see the list of indians who are standing tall with the personalities like bill gates. there i found, sekhar kapoor, anil k gupta, pranav mistry and many many more. while watching the video presentation of pranav mistry, it was my first ever affair to live a part of life with the advanced world. i just not able to let my eyes believe what i was watching? it was "SIXTH SENSE" MIRACULOUS, MARVELLOUS, AWESOME I say. each and every bit of that presentation was new to me. i had never ever even imagined those kind of inventions, being possible. pranav was so comfortable with taking the real life into digitized form, that i just let my eyes blink less. i kept staring and then i recollected myself in an hour or so.
                i asked a question to my inner being................... who i am? .................and where do i stand??????
puzzled  to know that, i have lots more to know, lots more to go.
its 4th february 2011. i again got into another realm of inventions. its an android phone. almost unlimited apps..... the world where you stand is no more unknown. you are trapped and is no more strayed. each and every bit of your movement can be trapped and captured and stored. now you yourself can be the celebrity and can now feel the stardom. real world software and now the real world OS(operating system).
you can by a click let to know the world, where you are, who you are and even why you are? 
now i got my answers cleared. how fast the world is changing and how fast the realms are transforming. 
now in my words i should say, its not only remained the era of information, but its the age of TRANSFORMATION.........
Every thing around you is changing, so start and take a step to transform yourself with the pace of world's transformation.....

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