Friday, February 25, 2011

Manu Prakash physist, inventor professor at stanford university

Manu Prakash Sharma
Manu Prakash is a Physicist and an Inventor at Stanford. Recently he is known for his invention of single sheet foldable Microscope called foldscope.
Have a look to his latest invention FoldScope in the below video.

Born in Meerut, India, Prakash earned a BTech in computer science and engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur before moving to the United States.
This Manu Prakash is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Bio-Engineering at Stanford University where he runs a curiosity driven research group in the field of Physical Biology - with goals to elucidate physical design principles in biology at organismic, cellular and molecular scales. A significant effort is spent in designing and building precision tools to probe and perturb biological machines. This approach brings together experimental and theoretical techniques from soft-condensed matter physics, theory of computation and unconventional fabrication to open problems in biology. He is also an inventor at heart and is currently focusing on technological solutions to problems in global health. Jokingly - he was once heard saying "We work on 19th century problems with 21st century tools".

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